Would you tow a caravan or a foldable tent to a camp site?

Opus Camper
A large, inflatable tent that you can setup in 90 seconds. It sounds incredible, but it really seems to work. A comfortable, fully equipped tent with beds is ready for use so quickly. The thing is that it is not your ordinary tent that you carry along, but a tent that travels on its own platform.
Air Opus is a product from Opus Camper, a company that has designed foldable campers (I would call them tents). The tent is installed on a platform which is towed by a vehicle.

So, you have a tent, but you need a car to tow it from place to place? Why not a caravan? You have to tow a caravan as well, but it is always ready without any setup. A caravan has a hard roof, small kitchen and a toilet for comfortable camping.

Opus Camper’s design team has an answer: Towing a caravan is troublesome and slow, the space inside the caravan can be cluttered, and storing the caravan when not in use is a problem.

The promo video shows how easy it is when everything goes well in Air Opus setup.

Digital Trends reports that in the US, the Air Opus inflatable camper can be added as an upgrade to an earlier Opus model for $2,499. The base model for an Opus camper starts at $18,999.

I haven’t seen Opus Camper or similar products in Continental Europe yet, but now I know what to look for at camp sites and remote places.

Opus Camper, Air Opus towed by SUV

Opus Camper

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