What should a driver do if the road ahead seems to be blocked by a floating pedestrian crossing?

Imagine that you are on a road trip in a country where you haven’t been before and whose culture you don’t know. Street signs are familiar, with the exception of one or two odd signs that feature encrypted local language. Then, on the road ahead you spot a pedestrian crossing that is floating above the street. Welcome to Iceland.

Iceland: floating pedestrian crossing Quartz reports of a small town Ísafjörður in Iceland that wanted to slow down traffic in a neighborhood with lots of children. Speed bumps were ruled out as polluting and car-wrecking alternative. Other solutions were actively searched by officials until they discovered a pedestrian crossing in India that seemed to be floating in air.

Local company GÍH Vegamálun was assigned the project of creating a similar pedestrian crossing to Iceland.

Here is a video that shows the crossing from multiple angles. It has been designed for car drivers in order to get them slow down, so the best optical illusion is from a driver’s viewpoint.

The company that implemented the pedestrian crossing demonstrated in the video has created other unique solutions on roads. Here are a few samples.

Iceland: road paint solutions

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