Volkswagen has created an electric vehicle conversion kit for the Beetle

VW e-beetle on the road

The VW Beetle is such an iconic car model that people all over the world recognize it immediately. Because of its long-lasting popularity, many cars are still on the road. Now, Volkswagen has an answer to Beetle fans who want a modern, small car – a conversion kit that turns an ordinary Beetle into an electric, battery powered e-Beetle.

Volkswagen’s Components subsidiary has borrowed the electric technology from the upcoming VW e-up. The Components arm of VW has created a kit that includes batteries, engine, drivetrain, and all electronics that control the system.

vw e-beetle electric engine

Lithium-ion batteries are placed under the body of the Beetle. They can deliver 36.8 kWh of energy. Fast one-hour charging feature tops up enough power for a 150 km drive. The range of the e-Beetle is about 200 km / 124 miles. The electric Beetle can accelerate to 80 km/h in 8 seconds. The top speed is 150 km/h.

Performance may not be impressive, but the Beetle has never been a sports car. A reason for the e-Beetle’s performance is that it gains weight, resulting a total weight of 1280 kg. It is also the reason why the Beetle’s chassis must be reinforced and brakes improved as well.

vw e-beetle (käfer) charging

Volkswagen management leaves the door open for other conversion kits that might be created for other classic VW cars, like an old Porsche or minibus (Kleinbus).

VW has partnered with a German company eClassics that does the actual conversion from petrol engine car to a fully electric Beetle.

Eclassics has a number of options how you can get an e-Beetle – even if you don’t have an old Beetle yourself. The company’s (German) home page explains the options and their prices (Käfer means Beetle). If you just want a small electric car, it is easier and much cheaper to order a new one from a dealer. Owning and driving a classic car that is environment-friendly is a completely different thing that has its unique experience and cost.

Via My Modern Met.

vw e-beetle and the classic petrol engine model
VW e-Beetle has storage space at the rear as well.

All images by Volkswagen.

vw e-beetle electric vehicle

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