Volkswagen drops new pieces of information on the electric VW ID Buzz camper van

VW ID Buzz electric camper van on the road

Volkswagen is seriously banging the drum for the electric camper van VW I.D. Buzz three years before its planned production. That’s fine. Give us all the information you have, VW marketing managers! The migration to electric vehicles is such a big and potentially long process for drivers of ordinary cars, but for people who take their electric vehicles on a road trip, the process is even longer. So, the sooner we have the information, the easier it is to prepare for the electric future.

According to Electrek’s post, VW is still committed to starting the production of the ID Buzz campervan by 2022. Since VW has given the same year for the production ever since the ID Buzz was introduced in 2017, it seems a credible target. VW also has working prototypes of the campervan (sometimes also labeled as microbus or minibus) that were driven on California roads in 2018.

Still, starting the production of a car and making it commercially available are major tasks. Should the automaker make multiple models available? Small batteries (lower cost) or large batteries (higher cost)? Long model and ordinary length as is customary in all vans? Configuration for digital nomads for vanlife, for families, or for retired people who like to spend winters in South Europe? It is an endless sea of choices, but VW has hinted about two things.

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz electric campervan

VW is pondering about a high-end ID Buzz model that could come with all wheel drive, and would be capable of producing 369 horsepower. That’s quite a rubber burner. VW must have tested it already because they claim it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmh / 60 mph in about 5 seconds. The top speed is 160 kmh / 99 mph. The battery is planned to be a large 111 kWh unit. Based on the U.S. measurement method, the range would be 435 km / 270 miles.

A less expensive model that VW is planning is a rear-wheel drive with a 268 hp engine. The battery capacity is planned to be 83 kWh with a range of 320 km / 200 miles.

Take a look at a video where VW envisions a family road trip in the I.D. Buzz.

All images by Volkswagen.

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