View the characteristics of districts in a city you are planning to travel to

When you travel to a city where you haven’t been before, it takes quite some time before you can identify the different districts in the destination. You know: business center, shopping district, students tend to live in a certain area, artists have discovered a specific region of the city, those who have money like to live close to one another, and hipsters hang out somewhere, too. Hoodmaps is a smart online service that can show you the characteristics of neighborhoods of cities on a map.

Hoodmaps, districts and neighborhood maps of cities Type a name of the city into the search box, and you will get a map of the city with an overlay of its districts. The districts have been color-coded: orange means a hipster neighborhood, green is where the rich people live, blue business, dark blue for students, grey for normal people, and red for tourists.

I tried Hoodmaps for a few cities I know fairly well, and the results were quite all right. At a general level, the concept is working. The actual data is crowdsourced. You can insert information on a city map that you are familiar with. At the moment, when the service has been online for a few weeks only, some cities have detailed information on its districts, whereas others are lacking detail.

The innovator and developer of Hoodmaps and other service Pieter Levels tells all about the development of the service in his blog post.

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