Unique hotels attract travelers who enjoy books after a day on the road

Travelers who like to stay in hotels while on the road have more choice than ever. Those who want to be absolutely sure that the room is exactly the way it was in another city or country, stay in a room of a hotel chain, but those travelers who are looking for new experiences, try small hotels that have their own style. Providing books to read for guests is a new attraction that a hotel in Portugal and a hostel in Japan are providing to guests.
Hotel Literary Man in Obidos, Portugal, Europe

The Literary Man hotel in Obidos, Portugal

In the small town of Obidos in central Portugal, a hotel that calls itself The Literary Man has a collection of 40 000 books. The majority of the titles are Portuguese, but there are English books as well. The patron who has collected the books lets guests read most of them, keeping only the most valuable in a safe place.

The Literary Man hotel has been built into an old house located in the ancient village of Obidos. Guest rooms are individual and (reasonably) priced according to room size and its facilities. Books are available on bookshelves in hotel’s public spaces in the lobby, bar and restaurant.

large book collection for guests in The Literary Man hotel, Portugal
For an accidental traveler, Obidos is located away from Portugal’s main tourist destinations, but anyone who is on a road trip should easily find it. The renowned surf beach in the town of Nazare is relatively close to Obidos. Those travelers who are heading to the sunny south coast of Portugal, Algarve, can get a travel guide here.

Portuguese TV channel RTP visited the Literary Man hotel, and made a video in Portuguese, but in any case, it is possible to see how the hotel looks like.

Book and Bed in Tokyo

Book and Bed hostel in Tokyo
Book and Bed hostel in Tokyo opened in 2015, taking the concept of books and sleeping a step further than anyone else. Guests of the hostel sleep in a massive bookshelf.

Small pods inside the bookshelf feature a bed, safe, electrical outlet and a reading lamp. Two sizes of capsules are available: 120cm x 200cm, and 80cm × 200cm. Guests who don’t like small, closed spaces will stay away from the pods, but travelers who love books and want to stay a night in a nice and clean, low-priced hostel in Tokyo, Book and Bed is an option worth considering.

Sofas and coffee tables in the open space of the hostel invite guests who want to socialize with fellow book readers.

sleeping in a bookshelf in a hostel in Tokyo
The concept of sleeping in a bookshelf has been so successful that the owners are opening their fifth hostel in Tokyo (in the Shinjuku district) in the mid-2018. The price of a night in Book and Bed is about $50.

The book selection in Book and Bed consists of 5000 titles. A few English books are available as well. Shibuya Publishing & Booksellers bookstore sells the books – not the hostel- to guests who want to continue reading after checking out.

All the hostel photographs by Book and Bed (captured in multiple locations).
Book and Bed hostel in Tokyo, Japan, Asia

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