Ultra-long distance road cycling: around the world in 80 days

Mark Beaumont from Scotland has ridden his bicycle around the world in less than 80 days. Even Jules Verne, whose book was the inspiration for the target of 80 days, envisioned that engine-powered vehicles would have to be used for the feat. Mark Beaumont had a support crew with him all the time, so he didn’t have to carry anything on his bike, but he had to pedal on average 390 km / 240 miles, and about 16 hours a day.

Mark Beaumont cycling in Australia
When each day’s ride was done, Beaumont could eat and sleep in a motorhome that was one of the vehicles the support crew had. Still, he managed to get only five hours of sleep per night.

Mark Beaumont’s September 18th 2017 world record for cycling around the globe is:
– 78 days, 14 hours and 40minutes
– The total distance was 29020 km / 18 032 miles

The route around the globe took him from Paris across Asia. Then, he flew to Australia where he rode across the continent along the south coast. After New Zealand, he flew to Alaska and pedaled across North America. A flight to Portugal brought him back to Europe where he rode to Paris via Spain. A recap of each day is available on his web site Artemisworldcycle.com.

Mark Beaumont's cycling route across the world
Here is a video where he is happy to ride in the sunny and warm Portugal:

BBC captured a video just after he arrived in Paris after 79 days of cycling around the world. He told BBC that the long journey had been the most punishing challenge he ever taken, and thanked the support team.

    “Each stage brought different challenges including different climates, which I had to adjust to quickly. Stage one through Russia and Mongolia was unknown territory, so to complete this phase and come out with a second Guinness World Records title is a real achievement.”

    “For one thing, I think I’d struggle to walk up and down a flight of steps at the moment because I’ve not really walked since 2 July.”

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