Uber brings Jump electric bicycle sharing service to Europe, starting in Berlin

Transportation service Uber has decided to use bicycle sharing service Jump it acquired earlier as a new strategy to enter the European market. Jump has established a bicycle sharing system in a few US cities. A mobile application lets customers book a ride on Jump’s electric bicycles. Uber has integrated Jump bicycle sharing in its popular application, making it possible to book a car and a bicycle ride in the same app.
Jump electric bicycle

Uber’s wrong choices in Europe so far

Uber’s innovation was its mobile application that makes it easy to book a ride, track the approaching vehicle, pay and give feedback for the service. Uber is regarded in many European countries as a taxi service that requires a license like other taxi companies do. The US-based Uber didn’t respect the regulations in many countries, and has been banned, for instance, in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Belgium, as well as in London.

Since the new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has been managing the company, the enterprise has started to behave the way local authorities and competitors expect transportation services to behave. The trust of local taxi companies and taxi drivers is, however, more difficult to recover.

Reuters reports that in Berlin, Germany where the Uber CEO announced the Jump bicycle sharing service, demonstrations could be heard at the event.
Electric bike Jump, a cycle sharing service

Jump electric bicycle sharing service in Europe

Nonetheless, a bicycle sharing service is something else. Our team welcomes Uber’s electric Jump bike service to Europe, and we can’t wait to try it out.

Uber said that Jump bicycles will be available in Berlin during the summer of 2018. Other cities in Europe will follow during 2018.

The maximum speed of the bike using the electric motor is 32 kmh / 20 mph.

Jump bicycles are made for city streets. They are big and heavy, but with the assistance of the battery-powered electric motor, riding doesn’t require much effort.
The Jump bicycles have hand brakes, adjustable seat height, automatic head and tail lights, and a U bar lock. It is essential to download the Jump app before the first ride, and create an account to the service – or use your Uber app and account.
Jump mobile application for booking a bicycle

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