Traveling with a cat or small dog? This bag lets your pet see what is going on

Traveling with pets complicates things, there is no question about that. You have to carefully plan the food you take along, how you deal with meal times, toilet times and getting enough exercise. Taking pets along for a road tour is relatively simple, but other methods of travel require checking what is possible, and getting the right kind of travel gear for the pet.
U-pet travel bag with wheels U-pet markets travel bags for cats, small dogs and other similar size pets that you may want to take for a trip with you. The smart thing with the products is that they have a window that lets the pet to view the outside world.

Especially, the hard shell bag appeals to me because the pet is protected from occasional nudges in its own space. If the pet is curious, he or she can peek out of the bubble window.
U-pet hard shell travel kit for pets U-pet travel bag with window
If you are going to fly or take the hard shell bag onboard to a train, it is a good idea to check where the bag can be held during the voyage. In an airplane, where to put the hard shell bag?

U-pet ships products to major markets across the world to these countries. The company has a warehouse in Europe that fulfills European orders.

A video clip shows how to change the window (space-age bubble, or flat):

Via The Guide.

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