Travel tips roundup: new options for solo travelers, smart water bottle, where design lovers travel

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a traveler admiring the Atlantic Ocean in Cascais, Portugal
Housing crisis fuelling motorhome boom as visitors bunk on the drive
The Telegraph

    I have seen and heard many stories from California where professionals have fed up with high house prices and have bought a camper van or motorhome instead of a house. In Britain, the sales of caravans and motorhomes are growing strongly as well. The article claims that they are sometimes used as spare rooms for homes because of lack of space.

The Most Sophisticated Water Bottle on the Planet

    For hikers, cyclists, campers, and anyone who enjoys the great outdoors, carrying enough water requires an effort. What if you had a bottle that could tell you if the water you discover from a well or river is good to drink? The Ecomo bottle does just that – if you are willing to pay $200. Available by the end of 2017.

One for the road: Tips on hotels, dining and more for women travelling solo
The Straits Times

    Traveling solo is very different than traveling with a friend, spouse, family, or with a group. Solo travel is very liberating and gives plenty of self-assurance. A new service network Alix Experience has been established in select cities to assist solo women travelers in daily situations, like where to have a meal without disturbances.

Why Helsinki Is Europe’s Must-see City for Design Lovers

    Finland’s capital Helsinki is a neat city that is easy to explore on foot, by bicycle or using public transportation. Fortune raves about the design and architecture of Helsinki, and it is true that there are some masterpieces in the city. This travel guide unveils also the places and events local people love in Helsinki.

How Solo Travel is Getting Easier
Huffington Post

    The share of solo travelers from all tourists is increasing rapidly, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed from businesses. Plenty of new services and travel options are available for singles.

Checklist: 5 Camping Essentials for a Safe and Enjoyable Adventure
Rockland County Times

    Planning for a camping adventure starts from the basics. The right gear is essential: clothing, lights, food, sleeping accessories.

Not horsing around: donkey trekking in rural France
The Guardian

    The writer took her family to a hike in southern France, the Lot region, and hired a donkey to accompany them. A good hire, it seems.

Analysis: Rail travel’s new golden era will hit the budget airlines
The Herald

    Low cost airlines have made it possible for practically anyone to fly to a holiday destination, but every air traveler has experienced the never ending hassle and time consuming checks at airports. A train takes you from a city center to another without the hassle. An industry experts argues that railway is going to take customers from airlines because of all the trouble involved in air travel.

Icehotel, Sweden: Inside the 28th ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi
The Telegraph

    Jukkasjärvi is a tiny village in Swedish Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle. The attraction of the village is a hotel made of ice. In winter, that’s easy because it is so cold in Lapland, but this summer, the Icehotel is open during the summer as well. Here is a photo gallery, and here is a travel guide to Lapland.

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