Travel tips roundup: avoiding crowds in popular destinations, travel tools, handling money on the road

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Saint Girons, France, Pyrenees
How to handle Europe in summer

    Popular destinations in Europe are crowded during the peak season, and in some places it can be pretty warm. How to survive touring Europe in summer? Good tips in the article.

Author Tim Ferriss talks about four favorite travel tools
Boing boing

    Author and investor Tim Ferris introduces more than four tools that range from USD 4 to 250. I have to try the recommended mytracks app for a travel log.

Six Effective Ways To Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling

    Good tips, except for tip number 5 (only use a credit card). It is simply impossible. For instance, try paying for a taxi in Germany with a credit card, or a dentist in Portugal. You always have to have cash when traveling. Always. In every country on earth.

The Worst Countries to Travel Alone, Ranked By Perception
US News

    Based on a large survey with travelers and aspiring travelers, the article lists 10 countries where it is difficult or even dangerous to travel alone. None of the countries are popular tourist destinations.

Traveling in Scandinavia – free guidebook download
Klaava Travel Guide

Tips for planning and making a trip to Norway, Sweden, and Finland in this free guidebook.

Would you take a three-day mystery vacation, with no idea where you’re going?

    No, I would not take a mystery vacation. The risk is too high for wasting all that time required to prepare and to do the trip. Yet, I am sure some people like to go because the company behind the concept has made all the reservations, and they even send travelers a packing list and weather forecast for the destination.

A whirlwind timelapse tour of Europe

    Very, very pretty images across Europe in timelapse video. Take a four-minute tour of Europe.

8 Pieces of Earned Wisdom for Young Women Who Want to Travel Alone
Huffington Post

    Solid advice. I would only add that the level of risk varies by country and the region of travel.

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