Travel photo gallery of Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is a name everyone recognizes, but how many people have visited the city in France? It is much more than wine, which is why I am not surprised that I have seen the city on many digital nomad’s and remote worker’s destination list of places to stay.
Bordeaux, France travel photography galleryThe city itself has a population of about 250 000, but Bordeaux is surrounded by so many small towns and villages (often only vineyards separating them) that the population of the entire Bordeaux region is higher. The main roads outside Bordeaux are occasionally congested, but once you are in the city, the traffic flows well.

Bordeaux old city center is located by river Garonne, which is also a good navigation aid. In the city, exploring the alleys of the old town is fun, tasting wine at a café, observing how residents like to spend time in parks (and restaurants) and admiring the old architecture of the city center.

View the Bordeaux photo gallery here.

In the video below, the Bordeaux city center facade to the river Garonne is the point of interests for tourists. The place to take selfies. View the video clip:

A video clip shows what happens when the Miroir d*eau is turned on:

Bordeaux, France: Miroir d'eau is a lot of fun on a hot day in the city center from Travel User Guide on Vimeo.

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