Travel photo gallery: Andorra on the Pyrenees Mountains

Andorra is a small, beautiful country on the Pyrenees Mountains. The capital Andorra la Vella is located in a valley at about 1000 meters / 3280 feet, but there are higher mountains around the city as well as valleys at lower altitude than the capital. If you approach Andorra from France and drive from the border along the main road to the Spanish border, you will cover 50 km / 31 miles fabulous scenery in Andorra.

Andorra is located on Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain.
Andorra is located on Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain.
There are towns along the main road – some have been built as ski resorts, some are ordinary towns, but the biggest one is the capital Andorra la Vella. The capital is a modern, neat and tidy city with a small old town that is lovely to explore.

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Andorra used to be a shopping destination for neighboring countries and even for people from other countries before European Union removed tax free shopping between EU states. The number of shops that sell luxury products is still high in Andorra la Vella, so the country hasn’t lost it attractiveness as a shopping destination.

Above all, Andorra is a destination for outdoors activities, such as skiing, cycling and hiking.

Brief country facts:

    Population: 79 300
    Major languages: Catalan (official language), Spanish, French
    Major religion: Christianity
    Life expectancy: 81 years (men), 87 years (women)
    Currency: euro
    Area: 468 sq km (180.55 sq miles)

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