Travel news roundup: wine region road trip, VW to collect user data, train instead of plane

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A Balkans Cycling Trip: Great Scenery! Ice-Cold Beer! And Bats and Land Mines?

If the thrill of pedaling and exploring new landscapes on a bicycle is not enough, you can head to the Balkans region in Europe. Here is a stiry of cyclists who toured in Croatia and Bosnia where surprises and unexpected encounters were frequent.

Spanish Wine Road Trip: 8 Stellar Wineries To Visit In Spain (And What To Drink At Each)

Business publication Forbes sent a journalist to sample drinks in the renowned wine districts of Spain. As expected, his road trip led to La Rioja and Catalonia, but he missed the home of Monastrell wines in Murcia Province: towns like Jumilla, Yecla, and Pinoso.

Seven reasons to take the train instead of the plane when touring Europe

The best thing in Europe’s extensive rail network is that practically all railway companies have joined one or more railpass programs, like EU Rail that let travelers to hop on and hop off trains after they have purchased a train pass that is valid for a week, two weeks, or a month.

World’s longest electric car road trip ends with over 100,000 km travelled

A road trip of over 100,000 km / 62,100 miles across the world requires persistence and plenty of fuel – in this case, not so much. A Dutchman drove his VW Golf he had converted into an electric vehicle from the Netherlands to New Zealand. The road trip took three years but he made it even across regions where e-cars were practically unknown.

Klaava Travel Guide to Valencia, Spain

Valencia is an excellent year-round destination for getting to know genuine Spanish culture, food, drinks, parties and history. All right, July and August can be somewhat hot and humid for some travelers, but the rest of the year is pleasant – even winter. The best of Valencia? Fiestas (locals know how to party), the ancient old town and local people at cafes and restaurants.

The best camping gear for people who hate camping

I hated camping for years, but I got over it when I got an opportunity to stay in a campervan, and follow Tour de France race on the mountains. Fast Co believes that luxury gear is the answer to people who hate camping in the great outdoors. If you believe it works for you, open your wallet and try the gear introduced in the article.

VW is aiming at collecting so much electric vehicle owner data that the company will benefit from it

Like it or not, but e-cars are connected to a service center that collects data about vehicles on the go. Among other electric car manufacturers, Volkswagen sees user data as a new business opportunity. It won’t a piece of cake, because VW must balance between privacy-conscious customers and EU’s GDPR regulation.

Le Figaro: La Defense in Paris shuts down autonomous bus service

La Defense is a district of modern architecture in the center of Paris, France, just a short walk away from Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe. Since July 2017, an autonomous mini-shuttle bus has transferred people from building to building within the district. After two years of operation, the self-driving shuttle bus service has ended. The biggest problems self-driving vehicles faced in La Defense district originated from the fact that there are no streets and pavements. It is an area where pedestrians, cyclists, scooters, bikers, and roller skaters move freely. Also many events, like Christmas Markets, and others bring crowds to the area.

Here is a video clip by Le Figaro where a reporter takes a test ride in an autonomous shuttle bus with an expert who explains what is going on.

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