Travel news roundup: VW WeShare, best train routes in Europe, Google translator, road trip to far north

train approaching mountain side in autumn, photo: balasz busznyak

News and tips on travel, road trips and electric vehicles

Why Google Thinks Machine Learning Will Be a Game Changer for Travel
Google has slowly and relatively quietly been developing services and applications that help travelers to plan and reserve flight tickets, hotels and other travel products and services. The motivation is to drive travel advertisers to Google services and possibly to take a share from sales. To complement its travel services, Google says its foreign language translation tool for mobile devices is so good that it can be used in live encounters with people.

Electric car rental/sharing service Volkswagen WeShare launched in Berlin
VW has started electric vehicle service WeShare with e-Golf, and will expand vehicle choices to I.D. series when the first e-cars in the modern product range become available in 2020.

Top 10 scenic train routes in Europe
Railway network in Europe is extensive. You can hop on a train that passes through the Alps, follows the Mediterranean coastline, or dives into a tunnel leading the train under the sea to an island where England, Scotland and Wales are located. This article introduces 10 most scenic rail routes.

Must-have hiking and camping gear for this summer
This article lists a number of products that are targeted at assisting people during their outdoor adventures. I have been searching for a high-capacity battery for a campervan so that all our gadgets have energy even when we spend a few nights and days outside the electric grid. This article introduces a portable battery that can charge all our gadgets.

Travel guide to Lapland, Europe last large wilderness
One of Europe’s last large wilderness regions, Lapland in the far north, is a fabulous summer destination for outdoor enthusiasts and for travelers who love long, scenic road trips. Here is a guidebook that shows you around the region that covers northern Finland, Norway and Sweden.

10 of the best lake and river holidays in Europe
This top 10 list provides a fresh view to remarkable European destinations: beautiful lake and river districts. There is plenty of choice from river cruises, hiking and cycling around lakes and mountain rivers to kayaking, and more.

Europe’s best airports named in prestigious awards
Most European airports I have had an opportunity to experience have been quite pleasant places to spend some time in. Of course, there are exceptions (like Frankfurt) but mostly they are quite convenient. Bilbao in Spain and Lyon in France are two recently recognized airports by The Airports Council International Awards.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Promoting Electric Vehicles in New Short Movies
I’ll be back! Arnold Schwarzenegger has given up his Hummer and other combustion engine cars years ago, and now he is promoting electric vehicles in a series of short films. Take a look at the video – there are some funny encounters with disguisedArnold and his customers.

Train image in the article header: Balasz Busznyak.

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