Travel news roundup: VW celebrates campervan, ecars tracked in China, hiking boots reviewed

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Volkswagen California campervan lit up for night

Volkswagen releases travel guide for campervans

  • Volkswagen is celebrating the 30th year of the iconic campervan VW California by publishing a destination guide for road trips in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 30 destinations have been chosen by VW together with passionate California campervan drivers.

Electric vehicles send real-time data to Chinese government

  • All electric vehicles traveling on Chinese roads areautomatically transmitting location and other car specific data to governmentservers, Associated Press has discovered. The Shanghai Electric Vehicle PublicData Collecting, Monitoring and Research Center receives the data and stores itfor further processing. Ecar drivers are not aware of the data collectionpractice, and can’t stop it. All electric vehicle manufacturers that want tosell cars in China must turn on the data transmission feature in the cars.

This new app tells you the fastest way to get where you’re going without a car

  • Fast Company has tried out Cowlines, a new smartphone applicationthat determines the quickest, cheapest, and greenest route to commute from oneplace to another place in a city. At the moment, the app is available in 62cities in North America. The price? The company that has developed theapplication sells users’ personal data to cities where users have been.

Best Electric cars on sale 2018: Renault Zoe, Tesla Model S, Jaguar I-Pace and more

  • In this article by The Week, the best ecars have been nominated for the UK market. The usual suspects, complemented with a few new models, are listed. Nissan Leaf electric vehicle is getting a cousin, Nissan Nismo in 2019.

Best Tech For The Outdoors

  • Blue Ridge Outdoors lists a number of useful gadgets andother products that an active outdoor explorer may need. Smart water purifiers,heaters, navigators and cookers are always important products when trekking.

Lapland, Scandinavia Travel Guide

  • It is the time of the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) above the Arctic Circle. Some people travel to the north for snow, others for Christmas, and many visitors want to experience the lights dancing in the space against the dark sky. Read the travel guide to Lapland, so you know what else you can do in the far north.

2019 Kia Niro EV makes LA show debut with 239-mile range

  • Good news for travelers who are planning road trips in electric cars: the new Kia Niro has 385 km / 239 mile range. The Niro is a compact car with a relatively large cargo space. The all-electric vehicle is on the road in South Korea already, and available in the US in early 2019.

The best men’s hiking boots you can buy

  • A thorough review of the best hiking boots in the Business Insider. Perhaps not the first source of information for hiking (Business Insider) I can think of, but the review is excellent.

You can now book travel by taking an Instagram screenshot

  • Quartzy has tried an app that lets you make flight reservations by sending an Instagram photo to the airline. The UK based EasyJet is running a campaign that advertises their Look & Book app that reportedly can identify the destination from the image and fill in initial booking information for a traveler.
Kia Niro all-electric vehicle being recharged, power cable plugged in
Kia Niro.

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