Travel news roundup: travel jackets, camper van fan, Estonia residency, new railway track

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hikers with backpacks on a mountain trail
Travel Gear Review for Active Baby Boomer
What a Trip

    Travel writer Nancy D. Brown has been asked so many times about her travel gear she uses that she decided to write an article about it all. I didn’t know about the Picture Keeper product that backs up photos from an iPhone or Android phone locally, offline.

The Carry-On Traveller Guide: Interview with the author Erin McNeaney
Nomad is Beautiful

    A traveling couple has been on the road since 2010 with only a backpack (for both) as their luggage. Here is an interview where the minimalist travelers explain how light travel is possible, and actually makes a lot of sense.

Abandon your preconceptions and take the campervan
The Courier

    A family man who used to hate motor homes / camper vans has recently been converted into an enthusiast. He tells all the benefits of seeing the world on a motorhome, and shares tips where to tour in Scotland.

Rolling nomad: 12 best packable travel jackets
Hi Consumption

    The thing with jackets is that they take a lot of space. If you are going to a place where it is both warm and cool, for instance, mountains and valleys, it can be difficult to decide which jacket to take along. Here are jackets that can be packed along for a trip.

A lot of digital nomads love Estonia. Here’s why the feeling is mutual.

    Estonia is a tiny country on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Its number one attraction for travelers is the capital Tallinn with an amazing medieval old town. Estonia’s attraction for location independent business owners is e-residency, facilities that allow establishing a business in Estonia and run it from anywhere.

You can soon take a train from London to Tokyo
Travel Wire Asia

    Traveling by train across Siberia takes about one week. It is a bucket list trip for many travelers, but Russia and Japan are planning an even longer rail track. The news is that the countries are planning a bridge that would connect Russia and Japan.

Best travel photography apps 2017 – All free to download

Selected travel photography apps for smartphones. is not a photography application, but an essential tool for finding the place that you want to shoot. It is the best smartphone/tablet navigation app because it always works offline (without Internet connection).

Autumn hiking and watching the Northern Lights
Klaava Travel Guide

    The season for the Northern Lights is starting in Lapland, North Scandinavia. Autumn is also very popular hiking season above the Arctic Circle because of the colors and cool weather. A travel guide to Lapland tells more.

Life Advice from the Wagoners, a Digital Nomad Family
Hobo with a laptop

    A story of a family with two children who first moved to Spain, stayed in there for a few years, and then took off on to the road. They have also written books providing advice to other nomad families.

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