Travel news roundup: the best campervans, electric vehicles for 2019, avoid tourist scams

News and tips on travel, road trips and electric vehicles

Kompanja, a camper van built on Reanult Trafic van

The best camper vans of 2018 for full-time road dwellers down to weekend warriors

  • New Atlas has nominated the best campervans of 2018, and at the top of the list you can find the VW California. It is a large and tall vehicle – those travelers who want more like an ordinary-size van, Kompanja could be an option to explore. The campervan is built on Renault Trafic (also marketed as Opel Vivaro, Vauxhall Vivaro, as well as Nissan and Fiat) which makes it a popular road trip van in Europe.

The Electric Cars That Will Revolutionize the Market in 2019

  • Top Speed has tested the recently launched and upcoming e-cars, and believes the VW ID will be the strongest candidate for being a breakthrough product for the mass market. Mercedes, Hyundai and Kia have attractive EV models for 2019 as well.

Photo gallery of the brand new Ice Hotel in Sweden – that even has a VW camper van carved from ‘snice’

  • The hotel made from ice is quite a sight in Swedish Lapland. The hotel is built from huge ice blocks that are lifted from a lake and transported to the hotel standing by the lake. In the article you can view photos of the hotel.

Nissan e-NV200 wins the ‘Green’ Award at What Van? Awards 2019

  • What Van? Has ranked the all-electric Nissan e-NV200 the best light van of 2019. The compact van has been designed for city traffic. Its battery capacity may not convince all travelers who are planning a road trip.

Road trip in Algarve, Southern Portugal

  • Portugal’s road network may not be among the best maintained in Europe, but it doesn’t stop thousands and thousands of motorhome and campervan drivers traveling there. Many migrate from other regions of Europe to the south coast every winter. This travel guidebook to Algarve features driving tips and scenic routes along Portugal’s south coast, among the usual information a traveler needs about a destination.

Lessons From My First Two Months as a Location Independent Landscape Photographer

  • Photographer Jonathan Lee Martin decided to travel for a year and conduct his profession on the go. His lessons are universal, valuable information to any digital nomad who is planning to spend time traveling and working. His campervan trip in Iceland brought up an important point about social life, so here is a tip: check in to a camp site every once in awhile. They tend to be really social places.

‘We’ll never carry a gas vehicle’: Naperville used-car dealer will sell only electrics, hybrids

  • Two former Tesla employees have discovered a market with little competition so far, but plenty of potential customers: second hand electric vehicles. The recently started business has already sold electric cars to 28 states in the US.

14 Major Travel Scams to Avoid

  • Nomadic Matt highlights 14 common scams specifically targeted at travelers. The risk is the highest at popular tourist destinations where scammers have an endless stream of targets. I would like to warn about a modern online scam, conducted by businesses like Airbnb and where they carefully mislead travelers by hiding information or giving misleading details.

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