Travel news roundup: road trip on a self-driving car, train travel in Germany, Spanish town bans holiday rentals

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The central square in Bruges
How autonomous vehicles will transform the ways we travel

    The article introduces a few scenarios how self-driving cars may change the way we travel. Long road trips are stressful and energy-consuming exercises for a driver, so I fully agree with the writer that autonomous driving is a welcome feature. An autonomously driving campervan or motorhome would be even more welcome to our travel team.

Copenhagen vs. Stockholm: Which Scandinavian City Should You Choose?

Digital Nomad Packing List 2018: After 5+ Years on the Road
Hobo with a Laptop

    An exhaustive packing list that you can tailor for your own taste. The key advice (pack like you were going on a one week trip) is followed by so many packing-list items that everything surely can’t fit into a carry-on backpack, or can they?

This Startup Rents Out Minimalist Homes In Top Secret Locations

    Here is the concept: rent a cottage for a week in Belgium without knowing where the cottage is located. Even if you rent it for a second time, it may have moved to a new location. I suppose there is a market for this.

Palma becomes first Spanish city to ban property owners from renting out their flats to holidaymakers
Daily Mail

    In Spain, the law requires apartment and house owners to apply for a license if they rent out their property. Very few home owners apply for this license. Perhaps it has something to do with taxes, but in popular tourist destinations like Mallorca’s capital Palma, the city is genuinely worried about the wellbeing of neighborhoods because of rampant short-term renting of apartments.

Video: Iceland Travel Tips
Cameron Hewitt on Rick Steves Europe blog

    A video talk that introduces Iceland in 1 hour 18 minutes gives you a pretty good idea what to expect on this windy Arctic island. The blog post also comes with a long list of helpful tips.

5 Great Photo Tips for Travelers: How to Capture Eye-Catching Images on Your Next Trip

    These tips allow you to take travel photos that are not ordinary frames seen in many tourist photo albums.

Train Travel in Germany
Trip Savvy

    Many travelers think of autobahns and river boats when they think of moving around Germany, but the rail network in the country is extensive as well. Here is some essential information on getting started with train trips in Germany.

Cheap camping holidays: 10 best-value European campsites for a bargain summer getaway

    France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal have so many beautiful camp sites that it is impossible to list them (here is a service that is trying just that) or to visit them all, but this article lists a few low cost sites.

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