Travel news roundup: kits for DIY campervans, camping in Japan, a digital nomad drops Google

News and tips on travel, campervans and electric vehicles

Sierra Nevada, Spain. Motorhome park in Guadix at sunset.
DIY camper van: 5 affordable conversion kits you can buy now

    Curbed has studied five kits that do-it-yourself campervan fans can buy and begin building their home for road trips. The prices of kits start from USD 4000, so it is possible to get something on a tight budget. Kits are compatible with one or more models, such as Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit and some US-only brands.

24 Hour London is the world’s first Gigapixel time-lapse panorama

    Matt Lindley has produced an incredible 24-hour timelapse photo gallery of London. When you view the timelapse, you can zoom in so deep that the license plates of faraway cars would be visible, but they have been blurred. When you visit London, you only see the street level or underground level, but the timelapse has been recorded at the top of a tall tower, giving a splendid view over London.

Glamping Japan

    A refreshing travel article about Japan: camping and glamping (the luxurious version of camping) are popular in Japan. Magnificent camp sites in Japan’s beautiful landscapes.

What happened when 10 middle-aged men went on an ill-advised kayaking holiday

    Kayaking along a spectacular fjord in Norway and then hiking up a mountain for views. Wow. The Telegraph reporter had an adventure holiday with his old friends, and here is the story.

VW unveils a series of new commercial all-electric vehicles, including ID Buzz Cargo

    Volkswagen introduced new electric vehicles for commercial use in September. Electrek was at the event in Hannover and discovered a cargo version of the keenly awaited electric ID Buzz campervan. VW said the ID Buzz Cargo will be available 2021, a year before the ID Buzz campervan. This is getting interesting: since the ID Buzz Cargo will have lower price tag than the campervan edition, and it will be available sooner, will people buy the cargo edition and make a camper conversion themselves?

Travel guide to the French Riviera and to the city of Nice

    The Mediterranean coast in southeast France, Riviera (Cote d’Azur), is a wonderful destination around the year. This travel guide shows also the less known sights off the beaten path.

3 Simple Landscape Photography Tips to Improve Your Images

    Walking Ninja not only likes to hike and enjoy the great outdoors but also likes to photograph the sceneries along the way. Here is a guide to learning the three essential cornerstones of landscape photography.

Goodbye, Google, your services are frustrating and useless for travelers

    Here is a digital nomad who is completely fed up with Google’s security policies that continuously prevented him accessing his Google services. If you are traveling and working, you need to plan which cloud services and how you are going to access. The article has tips for services that actually work even on the road.

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