Travel news roundup: Iceland road trip, bigger VW California campervan, 360-degree camera for travel

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VW Grand California, camper van. Photo by Volkswagen.
Why Iceland Is the Ultimate Road Trip Destination

    The Independent travel writers have visited Iceland, and the results are impressive photos and a video clip. Sure, Iceland is a destination for road trips, but once you have driven around the island, that’s it. A road trip complemented with hiking could be another way to explore the volcanic island.

VW Grand California is a crafty camper for whole family

    Volkswagen Grand California campervan comes from a VW factory, and it is built on the VW Crafter body. The Grand California has everything from shower, kitchen to beds both upstairs and downstairs. The vehicle is so big that we might as well call it a motorhome instead of camper van.

Travel guide Algarve, the south coast of Portugal

    September-November is an excellent time to visit Portugal’s south coast because the weather will permit other outdoor activities than sunbathing and waterskiing.

8 Myths About Solo Female Travel Debunked

    Kristin Addis has learned her lessons the usual way: traveling alone and paying attention to the world around her. She puts the female solo travel myths in correct context and perspective.

Product review: Wunder360 C1 camera for 360-degree travel photography

    360-degree cameras can be used in many ways, also for travel photography. Here is a review of a budget 360-degree camera, particularly from travel perspective.

Van life: How I decided which van to buy

    The story is published in San Jose Mercury News, so the choices were US van models. She chose Ford Transit and began making it her second home.

Overtourism is a problem – but social media is not to blame

    New Statesman has a balanced analysis on the impact of social media and selfies on overtourism. Too many tourists at the same time at the same place is a complex problem that blaming selfie-takers doesn’t help to solve.

Europe has over 1 million electric cars

    Axios reports of fresh sales numbers collected by consultancy EV Volumes: one million electric vehicles are already rolling on European roads. Sales of EVs is growing in Europe at a pace of 42% compared to the previous year. China reached one million electric car-milestone a year ago, but the US hasn’t yet made it. The most popular EV models in Europe are Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, Volkswagen e-Golf – primarily small compact cars, indicating that they have been acquired for city traffic rather than for road trips.

10 of the best alternative city breaks in Europe

    A fine list of attractive cities to visit in Europe that few tourists have discovered yet. If you are traveling during autumn as The Guardian suggests, even better for those travelers who want avoid crowds.

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