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VW Kleinbus, Transporter 1960s model

New technologies, business models and prospering nations shape travel and tourism megatrends

WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council) and Bloomberg Media have co-written a report that analyses the megatrends that are already affecting travel and tourism industries. Everyone who has visited the most famous sights in Europe recently has noticed the arrival of Chinese tourists. Other Asian nations are expected to follow them. Technology has made it possible to work remotely or live a life of a digital nomad. These are examples of the topics the report talks about.

Google adds private apartments to its new hotel booking system

Google only recently started selling hotel stays at its search engine. When you search anything that refers to a specific location, Google suggests hotels to stay in. Skift discovered that Google is also selling stays in private apartments, villas and cottages. The search company has partnered with big travel sites, like HomeAway, and Expedia for listings. Our recommendation: with so many middlemen between a traveler and a place to stay, many things can go wrong. Book directly always when it is possible.

The Best New Adventure Vans, RVs, and Trailers of 2019 in the US

Outside magazine visited the RV Experience trade show, and put together a list of the best campervans they discovered at the show. These vehicles are available in the USA.

What to Listen to: Outdoor Podcasts

Blue Ridge Outdoors asked people who spend long times outdoors on a trail, in the water, or on a bike, and also athletes their favorite podcasts. Here is the list which podcasts they like listen to on the go.

Klaava Travel Guide to Valencia, Spain

On the sunny Mediterranean coast, Valencia is an exciting city destination. Big fiestas, parties, gastronomy, paella, history, large old town district, ultramodern city of arts and sciences and even the Holy Grail are all vital elements of Valencia. From Easter until October, Valencia’s beaches are the places to be and to be seen. Download and read the ebook before arriving in the Spain’s third largest city.

How camping has changed in 2019

Here is fascinating new information on camping trends that probably apply to the entire western world, although the data talked about in this interview concerns the US alone. It looks like young generations have discovered camping, road trips, national parks, outdoor experiences, and campervan travel in a big way.

Is this the ultimate off-road campervan?

Top Gear has a story about a campervan that costs about half a million dollars. It is a big and heavy off-road vehicle that is designed with security and off-the-grid capabilities in mind. For instance, the camper van can generate its own air conditioning energy with a diesel engine, and it has solar panels for additional electricity.

Volkswagen shows a pair of unique concept electric scooters

Automakers are actively exploring new markets that emerge with electric vehicles. Volkswagen has developed two concept scooters that it has introduced to the media. The Streetmate is big-wheel cruiser with 34 km / 21 mile range for commuting. The Cityskater is a small foldable scooter that is clearly intended to be packed in a car. Limited range and capacity makes it suitable only for very short trips. VW hasn’t made a decision yet if the scooters ever go to production.

Volkswagen Streetmate and Cityskater electric scooters
VW Streetmate and Cityskater electric concept scooters. Photo by Volkswagen.

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