Travel news roundup: Game of Thrones snow hotel, dashcam for motorhome security, hammocks for hikers

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Camping at Alto d Angliru mountain in Asturias, Spain
A Game of Thrones theme hotel built from snow and ice in Finland

    The Snow Village in Kittilä, Finnish Lapland has a new theme this winter: the Game of Thrones. Amazing artwork created from snow and ice in the hotel made of snow. The article is French, but here is the English page of the Snow Village with lots of photos.

How I Bring My Dog With Me While Traveling The World and Working Remotely
Buffer Open

    A dog is also a traveler’s best friend, even though some extra effort and time is required to manage the pet. The writer of the article visited Portugal with his dog, but didn’t provide any survival tips. This travel guide for South Portugal has a section to pet owners for crucial safety advice.

Trekking to discover sacred Japan
The Straits Times

    A Unesco World Heritage hiking route in Japan is an ancient pilgrim trail that travels via many temples. The El Camino del Santiago in Spain is the other rail honored by Unesco.

10 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Travel Memories
The Barefoot Nomad

    Perhaps 10 old school methods to preserve travel memories would be a suitable title for the post, but good tips, anyhow.

This Is What Happens When Former Apple and Dropcam Engineers Turn Their Attention to the Car

    Travelers on a road trip who worry about their vehicle and their own safety can get a product to keep an eye on what is going on around the vehicle. Owl looks like a dashboard camera, but it is actually a security camera that can alert owners even if they are not near the vehicle.

Hammocks for Thru-Hiking
The Hiking Life

    Sleeping in a hammock has its advantages: a tired trekker is not touching the potentially wet and cold ground at all. The article shows how to setup a hammock and which products are worth trying.

Take a peek inside two of the trendiest motorhomes on the Irish market

    Motorhome Hymer Premium Line B 668 and a campervan converted from the Mercedes Vito van are introduced in a video captured at a caravan and motor home show.

The pros and cons of a digital nomad lifestyle: the best or worst of both worlds?

    Refreshingly honest and direct write-up about the pros and cons of nomadic life.

Surge in self-contained RVs presents tourism opportunity for small towns
ABC News

    Australia is a large country with plenty of wilderness between towns. It is actually quite easy to make a road trip in Australia because even the smallest towns and villages have a motel or two. If you really want to see the country outside inhabited areas, a motorhome is a good choice. The article urges small towns to setup commercial motorhome parks for tourers.

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