Travel news roundup: fake camping photos, travel trends for 2018, e-car road trip across North America

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Cafes and tourists at a cruise ship port  in the Mediterranean region
6 ways travel changed in 2017
Chigago Tribune

    Even sea cruises changed (for the better), and other key travel developments of 2017.

Top 10 travel trends for 2018

    Perhaps top 10 travel ideas for 2018 would be a more suitable title for the article that features excellent tips on how to travel (rather than where to travel).

2017 Backpacking Light Staff Picks
Backpacking Light

    Tents, sleeping bags, shoes, clothes, and accessories every long-distance hiker will need recommended by people who know what they are talking about.

Planning a trip to Sweden? The West Coast and Gothenburg are the top vacation destinations for Swedes
Klaava Travel Guide

    The travel guide shows you around the West Coast’s pristine archipelago, the city of Gothenburg, and historical sites and towns in the region.

We Hitched A Ride With The Tesla Model 3 Road Trip
Inside EVs

    The compact electric car Tesla Model 3 is eagerly awaited by people who have ordered it. A few lucky individuals have already received their Model 3 vehicles. One of them decided to take the brand new ecar for a road trip across the entire North America. He also made it public, and met with people who wanted to see and touch the real thing.

The Digital Nomad Life: Combining Work and Travel
The New York Times

    “Travel has changed,” Ms. Jungersted said. “Everyone wants to be a temporary local.” The quotation from the article expresses something very fundamental about the popularity of digital nomad and remote work trends. Before the internet, most jobs required employees to be physically present at the workplace. Now, many professionals are trying a new kind of life where work and free time are not necessarily two separate things.

These amazing camping photos will give you serious wanderlust (but there’s a catch)
The Telegraph

    Instagram is a magic kingdom where anything is possible. An Instagram member “youdidnotsleepthere” got fed up with fake travel photos posted on the service, and started exposing them. The article has a wonderful gallery of fake camp site photos, but they are so wonderful that I almost wish they were real.

Volkswagen Moia electric mobility van is VW’s Uber ride-sharing rival
Green Car Reports

    The VW Moia will be tested on the roads of Germany during 2018 before production starts. The specifications for the electricity-powered van feature 300 km / 190 mile range on a charge. The Moia is larger than the absolutely cool but smallish ID Buzz van (kleinbus), so it will be interesting to find out which one wins the hearts of #vanlife people.

Chinese tourists look beyond the package tour and hit the road
The Sydney Morning Herald

    Why do large groups of Chinese travel to Helsinki, Finland but stay away from Nice, France? Package tours and flight connections from China may have something to do with that, but Chinese tourists’ travel habits are changing. Tourism businesses in Australia have seen a strong growth of individual Chinese travelers who like to hire a motorhome and make a road trip along the bumpy roads of the large country.

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