Travel news roundup: Electric vans and motorhomes, World Cup travel tips, Amsterdam asks tourists to behave

News and tips on electric road trip vehicles, camping and gear

Motorhomes camped on a coastal road along Mediterranean Sea
Mercedes-Benz Continues To Electrify Its Vans With New eSprinter Offering
Clean Technica

    The Sprinter is the large van model from Mercedes, frequently seen on European road as campervans. Mercedes has produced an electric model eSprinter from the van that will be available in 2019. It is, however, suitable for city traffic only because of its limited range (150 km / 93 miles at the moment).

World Cup travel tips from Collinson

    Russia will host the World Championship tournament in football/soccer 2018 (World Cup for short) during June 14 – July 15. Russia is a vast country with many different cultures that all differ from European or American cultures. It is a good idea to do home work well before traveling. There is never a dull moment when traveling in Russia.

Best air beds – for camping and bedding down in the front room

    These mattresses don’t take much space in the backpack but provide a soft platform for sleeping. The only thing is that the best ones are pretty expensive.

Readers’ travel photography competition: May – the winners
The Guardian

    Amazing shots that professionsl photographers should envy (unless these readers actually were professionals). Images from, for instance, Iceland and Morocco, but take a look at the photo from Sagres, Portugal.

The new way to travel this summer is in a campervan
WCPO Cincinnati

    In Europe and Australia/New Zealand, touring or even living in a campervan is almost as old phenomenon as a van. It is refreshing to hear from entrepreneurs in the US who have just “invented” campervan vacations. A video clip features their story.

‘Party city’ Amsterdam warns rowdy Brits they may face fines
Daily Mail

    Amsterdam in the Netherlands has been a popular destination for as long as our seasoned travel team can remember. It is such a lovely but strange city that either you fall in love with it, or escape as soon as you can. I love it, but so do 18 million other tourists that visit the city each year. The city has already restricted Airbnb, lifted tourists taxes, and now wants tourists to behave on the streets. It is a very liberal city, but enough is enough.

How To Be The Kind of Camper Campground Hosts Want

    Advice to first time campers who are on a road trip in a motorhome and are trying to survive at all kinds of camp sites. A seasoned camper who has seen it all has some gems in the article, like “There’s no such thing as a bad campsite, only bad campers” and “Beer is the best currency if you want to deal with the local tribespeople”.

Not your ordinary camera bag: Rhake waterproof pack with Camera Capsule insert review

    A review of a backpack that is designed for serious photographers, but it doubles as an rugged backpack if you are not carrying your camera gear along. Plenty of pockets for electronics, including a pocket for a 17 inch laptop.

Electric RV? Winnebago drives toward electric-powered motorhome
USA Today

    Winnebago, the manufacturer of large motorhomes, wants to be at the forefront of electric vehicles when the technology is ready for road trips. The company has made an eceltric motorhome, but because of its limited range (137-200 km / 85-125 miles) it is intended for special applications, like emergency services.

A short video introduction to the electric van Mercedes-Benz eSprinter below:

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