Travel news roundup: electric Harley Davidson, Spanish wine road trip

News and tips on travel gear, road trips and electric vehicles

Harley Davidson electric bicycle

Camping booking service Campstar is renting campervans and motorhomes as well

Campstar is an online booking service for camping sites in a similar manner as is for hotel rooms. Now, Campstar has expanded its services to motor home and camper van bookings as well. Searching and booking is really straightforward at Campstar with all the necessary information available on the camp site page. Campervan booking wasn’t quite as functional when I tried it.

Harley Davidson’s electric bicycle

The iconic motorcycle brand Harley Davidson seems to be pretty serious with electric vehicles. The company has introduced prototypes of electric bicycles, and before them it launched the electric Livewire motorbike.

Large-screen Garmin RV 785 GPS navigator for motorhomes, campervans

Garmin has introduced RV 785 GPS navigator that is designed for large vehicles, like motorhomes and campervans. The key feature of the navigator is to only show routes where a wide and tall vehicle can go without problems. It is not easy to get all the required information on a navigator. I have tested a navigator like this (another brand), and it took only an hour before it showed me a route where I couldn’t drive further, but had to turn back. Anyway, these navigators continuously get new data, and eventually, should get it right.

The Perfect Spanish Wine Road Trip

Newsweek conducted a road trip from Madrid to Bilbao in search for the best Spanish wine. This route takes travelers to La Rioja, among a few other regions. If you decide to follow this article, first ensure you like Tempranillo because that’s the wine the region is all about. Catalonia and Murcia are notable Spanish regions that produce wine from other grapes than Tempranillo.

Klaava Travel Guide to Valencia, Spain shows the best sights, events and places

Valencia is a city of contrasts that surprises even a seasoned traveler. It is exactly the reason why the city is so fun to explore. The travel guidebook has top ten lists that let you easily choose places to visit, and essential tips about the local culture.

Here is the best baguette of the world

Naturally, the best baguette in the world must come from France (the French wouldn’t approve anything else). In Paris, Le Grand Prix de la Baguette is a competition for the best baguette that about 200 bakeries want to win each year. For your next visit in Paris, make a note of the 2018 winner.

A Book Nerd’s Guide to Camping and the Great Outdoors

Book Riot has tips for book lovers who dare to the great outdoors, but I have only tip: download twenty or two hundred ebooks on your e-reader and read wherever you want.

Hyundai unveils electric scooter that mounts to your car for charging

Hyundai has introduced a compact electric scooter that can be charged in Hyundai electric car during a drive. The scooter is foldable, 7.7 kg / 17 lb in weight. The top speed is 20 kmh/12 mph. Seat has also introduced a similar scooter intended for city transportation in cases when the car has to be parked away from the final destination.

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