Travel news roundup: camping stoves, campervans, best apps and online services for travel

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a camp site on the mountains of Spain in Cantabria
A Collection of Couchsurfing Alternatives
Hobo with a Laptop

    Couchsurfing online home accommodation service has given a bed and a shower for many travelers during the years, but it has its shortcomings. The article reviews Couchsurfing and a few worthwhile alternatives for it.

Airstream caravans relaunched
The Telegraph

    The classic, timeless Airstream caravan is making a comeback in Europe, at least in the UK. The American manufacturer surely is aware that Europeans have moved to motorhomes, but maybe the Airstream can find a market.

Best camping stoves 2017: The top camping stoves for outdoor adventure

    As the review points out, the key thing is to choose a stove that fits to the need: wilderness trekking, motorbike road tour, or a picnic in a nearby park. The reviewed stoves are international brands. It was a surprise for me that it is possible to get a Campingaz stove for £15 (under 20 euros or dollars).

Free download: Traveling in Scandinavia guidebook
Klaava Travel Guide

    Maybe it is the Northern Lights or skiing that attracts travelers to the North Europe in winter, or the Midnight Sun, endless green landscape and fells in summer. In any case, here is a free book with tips that assist in planning the adventure.

Camper vans: Can these super-slick autos provide the ultimate camping experience?

    The article compares camping experiences in two high-end campervans: Mercedes Benz Marco Polo and Mini Countryman Airtop. Yes, a Mini as a campervan.

40 Best Digital Nomad Tools to Empower Your Location Independent Lifestyle
Tomas Laurinacirius

    A comprehensive list of tools and online services for everyone who is planning or is already traveling the world as a remote worker. I instantly discovered two services from the list that I am going to use.

Nissan unveils concept electric van
Daily Mail

    It is easy to forecast that in 2018, we will see a big number of introductions of electric vans. Some vans will be used for road touring as campervans, most will be cargo transportation vehicles. Nissan e-NV200 looks like it is too small to be converted into a campervan, but we will see when someone actually does it.

Best travel photography apps 2017

    A photographer who updates his best travel photography application ranking annually. The only thing I don’t understand how anyone can rate Instagram as the best photography app. Rating as the best navigation app is a perfect choice.

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