Travel news roundup: campervan from Ford, long-range ecars, Garmin’s large-screen navigators

News and tips on road trips, campervans, and electric vehicles

Garmin Smartdrive 65, large screen GPS navigator for cars, 6.95 inches
Ford introduced Transit Nugget campervan, available in 2019
    Westfalia has designed the Transit Nugget campervan on the new Ford Transit van body. Long and compact wheelbases are available, as well as normal height van and a taller model.
Venice to charge tourist entry fee for short stays
    Venice in northern Italy is one the most overcrowded tourist destinations in the world. Residents have been fed up with the constant flow of tourists for years, and they have also ensured visitors are aware of their opinion. BBC has learned that the city of canals will charge a tourist tax between 2.50 and 10 euros per visitor in 2019. It is easy to make visitors arriving on a cruise ship to pay, but let’s wait and see how officials intend to catch the rest.
Here are the electric cars with the longest range in 2019
    InsideEV has collected a list with eight compact electric cars that feature a reasonable range even for road trips. At the moment, some of the listed vehicles are still unavailable, which means that the range in real life situations still has to be tested. Usually, it tends to be shorter than the specification sheet indicates.
Thinking of moving to another country? A comparison tool shows the differences between countries
    Moving to another country is one of the biggest decision a person can make during his or her life. Some people may consider a temporary expat assignment, others a permanent move, whereas more and more people want to roam the world like a digital nomad. Now, an online tool lets you compare a number of factors in a country you are thinking of against your home country.
The best sights, attractions and fiestas of Valencia, Spain

Klaava Travel Guide has published a guidebook that focuses on one of the most exciting Spanish cities: Valencia. Plenty of tourists from North and South America and Europe arrive in Valencia to tour the sights (around the year) and to join the Fallas fiesta party in the historic city center (in March). The book has tips for accommodation, food and local culture as well.

Air bed models 2019 for camping for all budgets reviewed
    Not only these inflatable mattresses provide a little soft comfort for camping, they also isolate a sleeping camper from the ground. Another use case for these air beds is campervans with so little space that the beds have to be made in the evening and packed up in the morning.
Garmin introduced three new dedicated GPS navigators for 2019
    Not all cars come with dashboard GPS navigators, and even if they do, those navigators can be practically useless in certain situations. For instance, campervan and motorhome drivers may want to have a dedicated navigator that understands the requirements of a large vehicle. We are using a 10-inch tablet as our dedicated campervan navigator, but Cnet reports that Garmin has introduced a model with 6.95-inch screen. SmartDrive indeed.
book cover image: Valencia, Spain travel guide

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