Travel news roundup: campervan for adventurers, safety tips from CIA, amazing camp sites

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Lapland, Sweden hiking/cross-country skiing trails
Peugeot’s Rifter 4×4 Concept looks like the ultimate camper van

    Looks like the ultimate campervan for an adventurer, that is, who wants to drive into places where an ordinary vehicle has no business of going into. Now, let’s wait and see when Peugeot launches the four-wheel drive van.

Venice from the water: An experts guide on how to choose the perfect river cruise in the Floating City
Mail Online

    Walking and boat cruise are the only possible ways to explore Venice. Here is a guide for choosing the right kind of boat or gondola trip.

A Former CIA Operative Shares His Holiday Travel Safety Tips
CN Traveler

    It is rare to get tips from CIA, so it is worth paying attention to these safety points a former officer gives to travelers.

Amazing campsites around the world
First Coast News

    A story about camping in Antarctica with a gallery of remarkable camp sites around the world.

The 25 Best Places to Visit in 2018

    If you are a budget traveler, luxury globetrotter, make journeys with your family, love adventures and the great outdoors, or want to see wildlife, this article points you to the right direction. 5 destinations for each type of traveler.

Gothenburg and Sweden’s West Coast

    A hidden gem in northern Europe, Gothenburg and the West Coast of Sweden are the favorite vacation destinations of Swedes. Viking history, clean waters, archipelago and the city of Gothenburg are the highlights of the region described in the travel guidebook.

The 50 greatest adventures on Earth
The Telegraph

    Familiar destinations for many adventurers in this article, but if you want inspiration for planning your next trip, or putting together your travel bucket list, take a look at the article.

When You’re a ‘Digital Nomad,’ the World Is Your Office
The New York Times

    A story of Roam, a business that provides services for digital nomads.

Airbnb reveals new hotel-like service called Airbnb Plus
The Verge

    Airbnb is expanding outside its core business of short term apartment rentals to hotels. It is not the only new travel service Airbnb is considering, so we can expect to learn about new services soon.

German cities could ban some diesel cars after court ruling

    Increasing pressure to clear the air to healthy levels in a number of German city centers may lead to banning diesel vehicles in those cities. At the moment, there is only the court decision that a city can apply a ban, but if a city does it, or how it might work in practice is completely open.

Peugeot Rifter 4x4. Photo by Peugeot.

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