Travel news roundup: best electric commuter, legendary hike in Egypt, campervan show in Germany

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Campervan, caravan and motorhome,camping fair in Alicante
The ultimate ‘last mile’ personal electric vehicle showdown: Electric bicycles vs e-scooters vs e-skateboards

    Micah Toll of Electrek conducted a really useful test on his personal electric vehicles. He rode an e-scooter, electric skateboard, and two different types of e-bikes along the same route to work. After two weeks of testing, the results are in. Road travelers who are considering what kind of small electric ride would be handy to have in a campervan or motorhome, can find valuable tips here.

The Tech You Need to Travel Better

    The New York Times asked its seasoned travel writers what are the essential items to pack along for a trip, and in particular, technology products they always take along.

Gallery: Rugged campervans (and campervan-like 4x4s) of Germany’s Abenteuer & Allrad show

    New Atlas has a large collection of photos from a campervan show in Germany. Factory-made and self-made camper vans and 4×4 campers were exhibited. If you are looking for ideas for your own project, or want to view what Mercedes, Volkswagen and other brands have to offer, here is the picture gallery.

The Pros and Cons of Hiking Alone

    Adam of The Hiking Trail has listed the positive and negative things about hiking in the wilderness without company. I would have added an evaluation of eating and natural breaks into the mix as well.

Where 3 Million Electric Vehicle Batteries Will Go When They Retire

    Bloomberg has a long, fascinating article about a future problem that is easy to identify: used batteries from electric vehicles. Businesses in Europe and China are already setting up their operations in order to find profitable business models for recycling batteries for other purposes, and U.S. enterprises are waking up to the opportunity as well.

The Best of Helsinki – The Sights, Activities, and Local Favorites

    Klaava travel guide for the city where Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will meet in July. The presidents have agreed to convene in Helsinki, Finland. Likely reasons for the decision to meet in Scandinavia are safety, reliable conference management and choice of venues. In addition, most Helsinki residents are out of town enjoying their summer vacations, allowing traffic to flow easily.

The Egyptian Hike That’s Rewriting History

    A BBC journalist tried out the praised Sinai Trail that has been called one of the best new hikes in the world by Wanderlust magazine. The hike was awarded ‘Wider World’ by the British Guild of Travel Writers. The entire trail is 550 km long or takes 41 days, but shorter sections can be hiked as well. The trail is in a desert, so a local guide is obligatory.

Hello Kitty-themed bullet train debuts in Japan

    CBS News reports of a high-speed train in Japan – between Osaka and Fukuoka – that has been branded with Hello Kitty colors and images. It is a summer campaign that ends in September. I remember when I saw giant Moomin characters on an airplane at Tokyo airport, and thought how much advertising space there really is on the side of airplanes. Long trains have plenty of space as well.

A video by Micah Toll where he shows how his personal electric vehicle commute test went:

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