Travel news roundup: apps for road trips, Marriott vs Airbnb, charging stations on Google Maps

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Marriott enters holiday home rental market

Hotel chains have watched Airbnb business booming across the world, but hotel managers have also been testing and planning how to enter the home sharing market. Now, Marriott has launched Homes and Villas program where the company rents upmarket homes to travelers. In the beginning, 2000 homes in the US, Europe and Latin America are available. Local rental management companies are taking care of the places, which is good news for travelers (professionals are managing the products and services, not amateurs).

Travel journal applications for road trips

RV Lifestyle has tested three mobile apps that can record your road trip, attach photos to the right places along the route, and the apps also let you create a narrative for the trip. The apps assume that you want to publish your road trip on the internet, but it is also possible to keep the travel data private.

Essential gadgets for travelers who move around with tech gear

Photographers need their special equipment, writers, designers, even book lovers have their own electric gear they need to carry along for a trip. This article manages to nail down the few essential products that practically everyone needs on the road.

Google Maps can show live status for chargers that are occupied and unoccupied at electric vehicle charging stations

If you are driving an electric car in the US or UK, Google Maps can display the locations of charging stations near you, and also give information about their availability. Typically, a charging station has multiple chargers, and Google Maps can show which one is available for charging, and which ones are being used.

Klaava Travel Guide to Lapland, Northern Europe

Lapland is a vast wilderness region in the north Europe. Large national parks, reindeer, wildlife and countless possibilities to enjoy the great outdoors in northern Norway, Sweden and Finland define this region. Lapland is also an ultimate road trip destination – Nordkapp (North Cape) is a bucket list destination for many travelers. The Lapland travel guide shows the routes, scenic roads, and features plenty of local tips for travelers and adventurers.

Water-resistant and dustproof e-readers for travelers

A dedicated e-reader device that lets you enjoy ebooks on a beach and in a moonlit balcony is a useful gadget to carry along for a trip. The battery in an ereader lasts weeks and the screen is fine both in sunshine and in a dark room. This article introduces ereaders that are waterproof and a product that is rugged.

The lightest laptop PCs of 2019 tested and ranked

If you are traveling with a laptop computer, you are always aware of its weight. Fortunately, hard disks are yesterday’s technology, and all modern laptops come with small and light SSD storage. PC Mag has tested the lightest laptops available in the US in 2019. The reviewed computers are in the high-end category with prices starting from 900 dollars.

Electric scooter from Xiaomi costs less than an average bicycle

Chinese company Xiaomi is renowned for its highly acclaimed smartphones, but now the company is expanding its product range to electric vehicles. The Himo T1 is an electric scooter that can roll along city streets at 25 km/h / 15 mph. The remarkable thing with the scooter is that it has been priced at 450 dollars in China. It remains to be seen if the scooter is marketed in other parts of the world.

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