Travel news roundup: Airbnb for campervans, solar roof for on-the-road charging, iPad Pro instead of laptop

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Hyundai / Kia solar charger on the roof of car
Solar panels on the roof of a Hyundai/Kia.

Rent an RV for the Weekend Cheap With This Airbnb for Camper Vans

  • The truth is that most of the time campervans and motorhomes road travelers have bought for their trips stay parked near home. Lifehacker discovered Campervancentral, an online service, that lets campervan owners rent their vehicles to other travelers. The largest selection of vans is in the UK at the moment, but nothing is stopping the service renting in other countries as well.

Hyundai, Kia hope to add solar panel charging tech to cars in 2019

  • Hyundai and Kia cars can be fitted with solar panels that charge the battery on the go. Solar panels can be installed on the roof of automakers’ hybrid-powered models already in 2019. Later, Hyundai and Kia will use the solar panel technology to charge electric vehicles while they are on the road.

Hands On: Why Apple’s New iPad Pro Is a Philosophical Shift

  • Do I really need a laptop for my next trip, or can I survive with a tablet and phone only? So far, I have always carried a laptop, but the end may be near. Apple claims that the new October 2018 iPad Pro packs more power than 90 percent of the Windows laptops sold in the last 12 months. PC Magazine tried the new tablet, but it isn’t as simple as raw processing power alone.

25 Multipurpose Backpacking Gear Items

  • The Hiking Life presents tried and tested products that have more uses in the great outdoors than you might think.

VW Claims By 2020, Its Electric Cars Will Match Tesla At Half Price

  • Year 2020 is becoming a critical milestone for electric vehicle manufacturers who are aiming at mass markets. No one doubts if e-cars will conquer the automobile industry anymore, it is only a question of timing, batteries, brand and consumer behavior. Volkswagen brand chief gave a speech (discovered by Insideevs) where he told that VW will match Tesla’s features by half the price. I think it is a credible claim. VW has been preparing this for many years already, and it has a mass market machinery and global reach few others have.

How the Finnish survive without small talk

  • BBC has discovered that Finns don’t waste time on chatting with fellow citizens. They believe you should only talk when you really have something to say. This was only one of the oddities travel writer Max Boyle experienced in Finland when he explored the customs and etiquette of the Nordic nation. He wrote a book about Finland – The Honest Tribe – that features a good number of funny and educational moments.

VW Caddy Beach campervan displayed at 2018 Melbourne Leisurefest

  • Volkswagen Caddy, the small van model from VW, has been converted into a campervan in Australia. The minivan comes with integrated tent and other features that make camping convenient. Which Car expects the Caddy camper van to be available by the end of 2018.

Tips for Celebrating Christmas in Europe

  • The Blonde Abroad believes the best region to hang out during Christmas is Europe. Yes, I agree with her, because there are many places to visit that look quite different in winter, and they are often decorated with lights. In addition, many residents and tourists love to explore Christmas markets. Not only because you can buy all kinds of unnecessary products, but also because of the atmosphere and a cup of traditional drink and a plate of local food.
VW Caddy Beach mini campervan
VW Caddy Beach mini campervan.

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