Travel news roundup: 80-year old on a solo road trip, floating tent, hotels and e-cars

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camping on mountains: Angliru during Tour of Spain road cycling race

All-Terrain Tent Pitches on Land, Sea, and Air

    I have seen tents that float, but GearJunkie has news on a Tentsile Universe tent that can also float in the air. Well, it is attached to nearby trees at a height that lets you easily step inside. Goodbye, bugs and stones.

Hotels race to fill growing demand for electric car chargers

    Hotel Management reports how Marriott, Hilton and other hotel brands are installing charging stations for electric vehicles at their car parks. It is an excellent investment for attracting customers who are driving an e-car because guests can park and let the vehicle charge its batteries during the night.

From Africa to Tea with the Queen

    BBC has the story of a 80-old woman who made the road trip of a lifetime: she drove mostly alone from Cape Town in South Africa to Cairo in Egypt. The journey took five months on her old compact Toyota.

The other Camino: Blisters and bonding on the Tuscan trail

    Recently, I met Dutch hikers outside San Sebastian in the Basque Country who were making their way to Santiago de Compostela. They seemed so content and happy that I had to ask how long they had been on the road. Two days. Anyway, an ancient pilgrim route Via Francigena to Rome has been revived in Italy, where The Irish Times tried it out.

Travel guide to Algarve province on Portugal’s sunny south coast

    The hottest holiday season in South Europe is on, and the trending travel destination is Portugal. Algarve province is Portugal’s sun, sea and beach destination where tourists can find unique beaches and lots of fun.

Skout is a hands-free camera carrying solution

    It is always a problem to carry a camera so that it is readily available when needed when hiking or exploring a city. Techradar has tested the Skout camera strap/belt that firmly holds the camera against the chest. Hands are left free to hold other things.

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