Toyota pick-up truck converts into a camper with Leentu popup tent structure

Making use of a pick-up truck’s platform for camping purposes is an old trick, but a startup called Leentu believes it has a winning proposition. Leentu has designed a compact, light-weight camping system for Toyota pick-up trucks.

Leentu camper packed on Toyota pickup truck's platform Leentu has designed two camper models that both fit nicely on Toyota Tacoma long bed vehicles. The high-end model with carbon parts is priced at USD 14000, and the other model at USD 11000.

Both models have been built using composite materials that allow light weight but are tough and durable, suitable for outdoors. When the popup camper is packed for driving, it follows the vehicle’s outer lines, causing minimal extra draft.

Think of a tent instead of a campervan

The Leentu popup campers resemble the concept of a tent rather than spaces and rooms that you can find in purpose-built campervans or motorhomes. When the Leentu camper is unpacked, it provides space upwards and stretches over the vehicle roof as well.

That’s where the sleeping compartment for two travelers is located: on the roof, extending towards the back of the truck.
Leentu popup tent structure, sleeping space
Solar panel is included in the high-end model that helps modern adventurers to stay away from civilization and electric outlets a little bit longer. The camper has power outlets for charging mobile devices.
Leentu popup camper for Toyota pickup trucks
Other than that, features are minimal, but these campers have been designed for adventurers who can survive without all modern conveniences.

Leentu is a startup that is about to start production and shipping the products to customers in the US.

The video clip below shows how the Leentu tent structure pops up at the back of the truck.

Key specifications and features of the Leentu camper

Lightweight & insulating composite sandwich construction
Unit Weight Targeting under 100 lbs.
Weatherproof canvas tent with intuitive built-in storage
Integrated 60W solar panel
5V USB charge port, 120V AC receptacle, 12V auxiliary port
Dimmable interior & exterior LED lighting
80″ x 48″ foam mattress
Reinforced, accessory-ready roof
Full-height door with folding table
Shell: raw carbon, color match, white or gray

Leentu tent structure for camping at the back Toyota pickup truck
Via designboom.

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