Top 10 cities with the best reputation in 2017

Good reputation for a person is so valuable it is difficult to measure, although everyone knows what it means. A consultancy, Reputation Institute, has specialized in measuring corporate and national reputations. For travelers, the annual City Reptrak ranking gives insight on destinations where trust, government and environment are in balance. In 2017, only cities from Europe, Australia and Canada made it to the high reputation top 10 list.

opera house, sydney, australia These were the top 10 highest ranking cities in the world in 2017 by reputation according to Reputation Institute.

    1. Sydney, Australia
    2. Copenhagen, Denmark
    3. Vienna, Austria
    4. Stockholm, Sweden
    5. Vancouver, Canada
    6. London, United Kingdom
    7. Melbourne, Australia
    8. Barcelona, Spain
    9. Milan, Italy
    10. Toronto, Canada

Copenhagen, Denmark, cafe in old town square
What does reputation mean when referred to a city?

The Institute makes surveys where more than 23 000 people give their ratings on various things. The surveys are collected from G8 countries only, representing the views of the most advanced large countries.

Altogether, 55 cities are indexed for the annual reputation ranking.

The City RepTrak index is composed of factors such as trust, esteem, admiration and respect. Perceptions are then grouped into three dimensions: Advanced Economy, Effective Government and Appealing Environment. Achieving strong reputation in the index requires that a city is perceived positively in all three dimensions.

The reputation ranking is all about perceptions, not hard data. Perceptions, word-of-mouth, Facebook referrals, and other recommendations heavily influence our decisions when we buy products or make travel plans. In that sense, the reputation ranking provides a different view to destinations than, for instance, statistics composed of crime rate, price index, pollution level, GDP, general education level, and travel infrastructure.

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