This is what it is like to camp at a luxury glamping site

For some outdoor lovers, camping means trekking into the wilderness, and setting up a campsite for a night. Others look for commercial camp sites that provide services allowing them to stay for a few nights or a whole summer vacation on the site. Glamping is a new way for camp sites to stand out from the competition. For travelers, glamping is the luxury business class of camping.

Pool area at glamping site Salou, SpainWe were traveling in southern France and northern Spain when we realized we could try out what it really is like to stay at a new glamping site. In Catalonia, Spain, near Tarragona, the seaside town of Salou has a glamping site: the Sanguli Resort.

It was a weekend in July, and the place was packed. It is probably the largest camp site we have stayed in, and certainly the most expensive, but it was practically fully booked.

When we drove in, two men at the gate were busy receiving vehicles. They told everyone where to go, and asked us to park next to the reception in order to check in. We were lucky because we managed to get service right away. Multilingual ladies were checking in new customers and answering all kinds of questions from existing customers.

Salou Resort wrist band
It took us about 20-30 minutes to go complete the whole check-in process, and we didn’t have any problems or special requests. It just took so long. The queue behind us had grown into a massive gathering of campers, although there were four or five ladies working at the reception.

We found our numbered place (parcela in Spain) and set up our camp for the night. On the road, we are living vanlife which is why our camp site looked very modest compared to our neighbors’ sites. From all the languages we could hear around us, it was evident that the glamping site attracts an international crowd from central and northern Europe.

glamping camp site in Salou, Tarragona, Spain
Sanguli Salou Resort in Catalonia, Spain
This is how glampers who stayed on the site for a week or longer had setup their places. First, the car must fit into the space, but even then, there is room for a large tent, and one or two smaller ones (for children, perhaps), and even for a dining area. Some campers had a floor under the dining area, a plastic of some sort. Some sites were shaded by a fabric attached to the palm trees that indicated the borders of individual sites.

Exploring the entire area of the glamping site was full of surprises. There was a large pool area at the center that featured bars as well. Dogs were welcome (always leashed) to the camp site, but they had their own pool. Of course. Sports fields for football, basket ball, tennis and for other sports drew surprisingly many people, although it was a warm day (and humid – the site is 100 meters from the Mediterranean Sea). Boutiques and restaurants were open at the site as well. Toilet and shower buildings were impeccable and clean.
sports facilities at Salou resort camp site, Spain
For prices, see the Salou Sanguli Resort’s web page. First, you have to decide the size of space you want, and then add the number of people to get the total sum. Electricity is included in prices. Wi-Fi is also included, but for us, it didn’t work. We didn’t have enough energy to visit the reception, but used our prepaid mobile connection.

Sanguli Salou is a beautiful site. The roads and paths are in excellent condition, always lined with nice bushes or trees. If the resort’s facilities are not enough, and you want a night in town or dip in a sea, it is only a 100 meter walk from the camp site. Al the facilities were in fine condition.

A glamping site like Sanguli is not the best place for a quick one night stay. I recommend staying longer in order to completely forget about the outside world, fully enjoy the facilities and to get to know your neighbors. Oh, and book in advance.

Salou glamping site in Tarragona, Catalonia

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