These travel destinations are trending for 2018 according to social media

In 2017, the hottest travel destination was Portugal. It won so many travel awards that by now, everyone should know it is an exciting destination (if it is a new destination for you, download a travel guide to Algarve, Portugal’s south coast). The hot travel destinations for 2018 that are trending in social media are located in Europe, America, and in some exotic locations across the world.

river cruise boat in Budapest, photo by Viking River Cruise Pinterest is a popular social media service for sharing memories, ideas, stories, or cataloging information as images. Pinterest members create boards for topics they are interested in and save photographs on those boards. Photos can be searched and shared.

If we look at the number of photos saved with a tag, for instance, Iceland or Portugal, we get an indication for the destination’s attractiveness. By pinning a photo, Pinterest users are thinking of that particular destination for one reason or another.

According to data listed by Coveteur, the following destinations have seen the biggest increase in photo saves on Pinterest during this year, indicating growing interest for visiting them.

    1. River cruises. When we think about cruises, we tend to think about the Mediterranean or the Caribbean Sea, but a river cruise along the Nile in Egypt, Rhein in Germany, or perhaps a canal cruise in the Netherlands is certainly a new experience for most travelers.

    2. Deserts. A large number of tourists is interested in visiting a desert, because photo saves have considerably increased for destinations, like Morocco, Dubai, Atacama Desert, and Joshua Tree in the US.
    Sahara desert. Photo by James Byrum.
    3. Mediterranean islands. The famous islands in the Mediterranean Sea, like Mallorca, Crete, Malta, Sicily and Rhodos are destinations that have led the overall development of mass tourism, but they are still very nice places to spend a vacation. The trending islands in the Mediterranean are, however, Croatian islands and Mykonos in Greece.
    Mykonos island in Greece. Photo by byus.
    4. Mexico City. The only city destination that has seen strong growth in interest is the megacity of the American continent: Mexico City.

Mexico City. Photo by Paul Sableman

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