These Game of Thrones fans ran 600 km in Italy, watching the show at the same time

Here is a travel dream for a fan of the Game of Thrones television show: you can watch the entire new season in Italy simply by running after a truck that displays the episodes at the back of the container. That is what television network Sky Italy claims a group of fans did. It is a run length of multiple marathons from Rome to Italy that they called a Marathron along the beautiful landscapes of Italy.

Game of Thrones watched by running fans in ItalyA video has been published by an advertising agency that reportedly shows the fans running from Rome to Milan simultaneously watching the new season of Game of Thrones:

It is an advertisement for the new season of Game of Thrones, that’s all. Perhaps it is not important if the people shown on the video really ran all the way from Rome to Sforzesco Castle in Milan.

The distance is about 600 km / 370 miles along the shortest route that uses highways (where it might be difficult, or forbidden to run). Even at a leisurely pace, it would be an extreme effort, also for professional athletes.

Look at the fresh faces of the runners in the image below:
Game of Thrones, Marathon in Italy

For more pictures, Sky Italy has a photo gallery of the running event.

The landscapes of Italy are pretty, and the arrival party at the Sforzesco Castle in Milan must have been fun, but what else happened during the Marathron along the way from Rome to Milan would be interesting to learn.

Game of Thrones, Marathron, Italy

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