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When you think about the roads of a country you live in, it is easy to complain how terrible they are. If you compare road conditions in your country to, for instance, your neighbor states, it may surprise you. World Economic Forum has put together a ranking of 138 countries across the world that shows how people feel about the roads in their countries.

Rich countries have good roads and drivers in less wealthy countries have to cope with poor roads. That’s the quick conclusion that can be drawn from the results. UAE, Singapore and Switzerland are the top three countries. The bottom three are Congo, Mauritania and Congo. Here is the top 10 for the quality of roads:

  1. UAE: 6.4 points out of 7
  2. Singapore: 6.3
  3. Switzerland: 6.3
  4. Hong Kong: 6,2
  5. Netherlands: 6,1
  6. Japan: 6,1
  7. France: 6,0
  8. Portugal: 6,0
  9. Austria: 6,0
  10. USA: 5,7

Then, there are a few notable exceptions, like Australia and Norway. We can confirm that roads in both countries are pretty poorly maintained. Both countries have long distances, and often driving is the only reasonable method for reaching a destination. Both countries have rather extreme weather conditions that make road maintenance challenging, but the climate in Sweden and Finland is even more extreme, and the roads are better.

Also, Portugal is ranked in top 10, but our extensive experiences on the bumpy roads of this southern European country have been completely something else.

Here is the top 10 for Europe for those who are planning a long road trip in Europe in a campervan or motorhome:

  1. Switzerland 6.3
  2. Netherlands 6,1
  3. France 6,0
  4. Portugal 6,0
  5. Austria 6,0
  6. Denmark 5.5
  7. Germany 5.5
  8. Spain 5.5
  9. Sweden 5.5
  10. Croatia 5.5

The key problem with the Quality of Roads ranking is that the results are based on answers from executives who have rated their own countries. Even though we may assume that these executives have traveled abroad perhaps quite extensively, and have perspective on road conditions in many parts of the world, it can be difficult to objectively assess the conditions in someone’s own country.

This is the entire ranking sheet Quality of Roads by World Economic Forum.

quality of roads ranking by world economic forum

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