These countries are the favorite destinations of residents in each U.S. state

What do people living Alabama and West Virginia have in common? Probably many things, but one of them is their desire to travel to Spain. Skyscanner compiled a list of overseas destinations that people in each U.S. state searched for during one year (from June 2017 to June 2018). The most popular destination country is somewhat of a surprise, as well as the country that is completely missing from the list.
red sun behind palm tree Here are the most popular countries to travel to from every U.S. state by Skyscanner. Canada, Mexico and the UK are not included in the results at all.

    Alabama: Spain
    Alaska: Germany
    Arizona: India
    Arkansas: Turkey
    California: India
    Colorado: Germany
    Connecticut: Puerto Rico
    Delaware: India
    District of Columbia: India
    Florida: Spain
    Georgia: India
    Hawaii: Australia
    Idaho: Germany
    Illinois: India
    Indiana: India
    Iowa: India
    Kansas: India
    Kentucky: Germany
    Louisiana: Germany
    Maine: Thailand
    Maryland: Spain
    Massachusetts: Spain
    Michigan: India
    Minnesota: Germany
    Mississippi: India
    Missouri: Italy
    Montana: Australia
    Nebraska: Germany
    Nevada: Germany
    New Hampshire: Spain
    New Jersey: Puerto Rico
    New Mexico: Spain
    New York: Italy
    North Carolina: India
    North Dakota: Germany
    Ohio: India
    Oklahoma: Italy
    Oregon: Thailand
    Pennsylvania: Italy
    Rhode Island: Ireland
    South Carolina: Germany
    South Dakota: Spain
    Tennessee: Italy
    Texas: India
    Utah: Italy
    Vermont: Costa Rica
    Virginia: Italy
    Washington: India
    West Virginia: Spain
    Wisconsin: Puerto Rico
    Wyoming: Greece

The country with the most mentions as the desirable travel destinations was India (16 mentions). Germany was second (10), Spain third (8) and Italy fourth (7).

European destinations are the most popular, but one notable country is missing. It is the country that gets the most tourist arrivals in the world: France. Why is France not the number one destination in any U.S. state?

Most Searched Countries during one year on Skyscanner were: United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, Canada, India, Germany, Japan, Thailand.

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