The real Christmas party in Spain is a big fiesta during the Epiphany

I had an opportunity to join a party that entire cities and towns in Spain celebrate during the Epiphany. The fiesta is called Reyes Magos (three kings or three wise men). The main event is a parade that travels through a city’s main streets in the evening. I joined the fun in Elche, Costa Blanca.

Most shops, restaurants, caf├ęs, and bakeries along the caravan route stayed open until late night. Extra sales booths and kiosks had also been built along the parade route.

Chesnut stand in Elche, Spain. Fiesta of Reyes Magos (Epiphany)
For some people, the highlight of the fiesta was a fun night out in the city, for others it was to eat as many types of food as possible, but for children, there was only one thing: free candies. Some of the vehicles in the caravan were filled with children who threw candies to children lining the streets.

chlidren throw candy to other children at Reyes Magos fiesta in Elx, Espana
It was my first Reyes Magos fiesta, and it looked like a commercial event to me, at least in the city of Elche (in the province of Valencia) where I joined the party. It was something like the Tour de France race where sponsors show their products and give away free samples to audiences who are waiting for a chance to catch a glimpse of cyclists. At Reyes Magos, people are waiting to catch a glimpse of the three kings at the end of the caravan.

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Here is a video that shows some fun moments of the parade.

Epiphany parade (Reyes Magos) in the city of Elche, Spain in 2018 from Travel User Guide on Vimeo.

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