The only place (at the moment) where you may be able to rent an electric campervan for a road trip

Jucy is a car rental company that started in Auckland, New Zealand, but today has operations in Australia and in the U.S. as well. The company is renowned for its selection of rental campervans and motorhomes. In 2018, the selection is growing with electric campervans that Jucy will be renting to some customers to test vehicles on real road trips.

Jucy Nissan electric campervan in New Zealand The first test drivers have been chosen, two French students, who are planning to travel thousands of kilometers throughout the North Island of New Zealand in a prototype Jucy campervan that is powered by electricity alone. The tourists plan to visit about 30 destinations in the North Island over their three week journey.

The campervan looks a lot like an electric Nissan E-NV200 van. The rental company has added the essential features required on a camping road trip to the vehicle.

Since the electric campervan is going to be tested for two years, it is not yet possible to book one via Jucy’s homepage, but somehow the French students managed to get an electric vehicle from the company.

The challenge for this electric van and all other electric vehicles is the range. Jucy will have to actively build and get someone else to assist in creating a charging network into the country. New Zealand is not a densely populated country, and distances between cities are considerable. Jucy is planning to have charging stations in its offices and hotels, and is hoping to convince camp sites and motorhome parks to introduce charging points as well.

The Volkswagen ID Buzz electric camper van is coming to the roads by 2022, but perhaps the Jucy/Nissan is ready for daily use and long road trips before the new version of the legendary VW Kleinbus.

Via Futurefive.

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