The most liveable city in the world is in Central Europe

Austria’s capital Vienna has been ranked as the most liveable city in the world 2018. The annual Global Liveability Index study conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit has analysed 140 cities across the world, and concluded that Vienna has the best living conditions. Cities in Canada, Japan and Australia dominate the top 10 of the index.
Vienna, Austria, Francisco  Anzola.Vienna, Austria. Photo by Francisco Anzola.

Top 10 cities in the world: the best living conditions ranking

    1. Vienna, Austria
    2. Melbourne, Australia
    3. Osaka, Japan
    4. Calgary, Canada
    5. Sydney, Australia
    6. Vancouver, Canada
    7. Toronto, Canada
    8. Tokyo, Japan
    9. Copenhagen, Denmark
    10. Adelaide, Australia

The differences between top 10 cities are not big. The numerical index for Vienna is 99.1 (out of maximum 100) and for Adelaide 96.6. The study summary explains how the index is composed.

Altogether, 30 factors in five categories affect to the final value of the index for each city. The assessed categories are:

    Stability – 25% weight
    Healthcare – 20% weight
    Culture and environment – 25% weight
    Education – 10% weight
    Infrastructure – 20% weight

Vienna and Copenhagen are both located in Continental Europe, Australia has 3 cities, Canada 3, and Japan 2 cities in the top 10. It is quite remarkable that no US cities made it to the top 10, not to mention cities in Asia (apart from Japan) or South America.

If you are planning to move, travel or spend some digital nomad time in the most liveable cities, the common denominator is that they are in wealthy countries where living has its price. Yet, they are safe cities, public services and infrastructure works, and they take care of the environment, too.
Damascus traffic. Photo by watchsmart.Damascus morning traffic. Photo by watchsmart.

Travelers who want to avoid the cities with the worst living conditions, here is the bottom 10 (sorted from the worst to 10th)

    Damascus, Syria
    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Lagos, Nigeria
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Tripoli, Libya
    Douala, Cameroon
    Algers, Algeria
    Dakar, Senegal

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