The most livable cities of 2018 are located in Europe

If you are thinking of moving overseas, living a life of an expat, digital nomad, remote worker, or retiring to a new environment, statistics and reviews of cities may help the planning process. The cost of living is an important factor, environment and nature, cultural activities, infrastructure, language, local people’s attitude to foreigners, safety, and reliability of administration are significant variables as well.
Tram in Munich, Germany. Photo by Digital Cat.
Monocle, the British magazine, has published its annual ranking for the most livable cities in the world. European cities dominate the top 10. Only Tokyo and Melbourne outside Europe make it to the top 10.

The cities in top 10 are not the most affordable places to live in. Those who can afford it, all top 10 cities are safe, have modern infrastructure and well-working administration. Well, Madrid maybe an exception since the mayor of the city was forced to resign in early 2018 because of suspected corruption. Additionally pollution caused by traffic is occasionally so bad in Madrid that traffic and speeds on major roads must be restricted.

Here is the most livable cities in the world top 10 by Monocle:

    1. Munich, Germany. View a short film by Monocle on the merits of Munich.
    2. Tokyo, Japan
    3. Vienna, Austria
    4. Zurich, Switzerland
    5. Copenhagen, Denmark
    6. Berlin, Germany
    7. Madrid, Spain
    8. Hamburg, Germany
    9. Melbourne, Australia
    10. Helsinki, Finland

For people who speak German, the top 10 includes many choices: Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Berlin and Hamburg. Those who only speak English can easily settle in Copenhagen, Melbourne and Helsinki without having to worry about learning new languages (well, the accent down under is quite unique).

Where are the French, Belgian, Dutch or English cities in the top 10? Monocle is a British magazine but even it hasn’t convinced the journalists to add London on the list. How have they missed such marvellous French cities, like Strasbourg, Nice, Grenoble, Bordeaux or Lyon?

Anyhow, if you want to visit the 10th most livable city, we have found this guidebook of Helsinki useful.

Via DW.

Helsinki, Finland. View from Torni hotel

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