The longest hiking trail in the world opened in Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world that stretches about 4800 km / 3000 miles from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast. When a coast-to-coast hiking trail was recently created in Canada, it became the longest trail in the world: 22 000 kilometers / 13 670 miles long.

Canada, photo by davebloggs007 The new hiking route, titled the Great Trail, was opened in August 2017. The gigantic project took 25 years to complete, but there is still work to be done. 8000 Great Trail signs have already been installed along the route, but 4000 more will have to be set up. It means that on average, there will be a sign at every two kilometers. So, plenty of opportunities to get lost, unless you are well prepared and have the maps and the tools to navigate the route.

The Globe and Mail tells that 25 years ago La Barge, Bill Pratt and Pierre Camu came up with the idea to connect Canada’s hiking trails into a route that goes across the country. They were targeting Canada’s 125th birthday year, which is 2017.

Phase one – being connected – is ready, but Mr La Barge is already thinking about the next phase: “We were faced with the challenge to get the trail assembled … and our priority was to get it done. Our second priority is now to get the signage up so that people know they are on the Trans Canada Trail,” he said.

Canada, photo by davebloggs007
The Great Trail is not only for hikers because there are sections that require a kayak or other means of proceeding along a river. 1659 kilometers is the longest waterway along the route. The highest point of the trail reaches is 2185 meters in Kananaskis Country in Alberta.

You can explore the map of the Great Trail on the route’s web page.
Map of The Great Trail, Canada
In the near future, someone will get his or her name in record books as the first hiker to walk and paddle the entire trail. The first hiker will also set the fastest time for the route that others in the coming years will try to beat. The only thing is that it will take years to hike the entire trail.

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