The iconic VW hippie van returns as an electric campervan by 2022

A van known as the hippie bus, or as the original camper van, will become available as an electric van by 2022. German automaker Volkswagen has confirmed that it will start manufacturing a modern, all electric version of the old hippie van. The decision was made after a prototype of a van known as the I.D. Buzz had won several awards at car shows, and customers kept asking when the vehicle will be available.

Volkswagen hippie bus and VW I.D. Buzz van VW says the electric I.D. Buzz van (the name may change) will be made available in Europe, United States and China in 2022. It is only 5 years, or probably 4 years to the moment when dealers start taking orders, so everyone who has always wanted a Volkswagen minibus or is getting into vanlife with VW should start saving now. Of course, the VW Transporter is a popular van for travelers as well.

The I.D. Buzz concept van can produce 369 hp from electric motors installed on each axle. This means that the vehicle has an all wheel drive system. The 111 kWh battery pack is placed in the floor. It is expected to provide nearly 480 km / 300 miles of driving range. A fast charging system can recharge about 80 percent of battery capacity in 30 minutes at 150 kW.

Volkswagen is planning to integrate an autopilot function into the I.D. Buzz when the technology is ready and approved.

VW ID Buzz concept van, production 2022
Looking at the photos of the beautiful van, I can’t help thinking what the height and length of the space inside is. All the dimensions of the interior space would be nice to learn since the van doesn’t look so large. In any case, it is too early for that information because many things may change before all the minor details of the final production model have been decided.

Another thing that is important for road tourers and people who are looking for a vehicle for vanlife is the range of the vehicle. About 500 km or 300 miles is a good distance for a day for some drivers, whereas others would like to drive further. My own experience is that the more we tour, the shorter the distances per day tend to become. 500 km / 300 miles is pretty much the maximum per day we normally go.

The first VW Bus was introduced in Germany in 1949 when it was called Type 2 (The VW Beetle was Type 1). The design concept was driven by the requirement to make a van without a long nose and large capacity so that it could be driven on narrow roads of old city centers in Europe. Quartz has a fascinating article on the history of the VW Type 2, later the hippie bus or officially the Transporter or Camper. The original van was powered by an engine that could produce 30 hp. The engine was placed at the back of the van to save space in front.

Take a look at the photo gallery of the VW I.D. Buzz (all images by Volkswagen of America, Inc.)

VW I.D. Buzz van revives the hippie bus spirit
Volkswagen electric van I.D. Buzz
VW minibus, I D Buzz is all electric van
Volkswagen hippie van, modern electric vehicle
VW ID Buzz concept van, production 2022

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