The first self-driving taxis are on the road in Phoenix, USA

Waymo One driverless taxi

Waymo, a Google Alphabet company, is one of the pioneers of autonomous driving technology. On December 5th, 2018, the company started a taxi service called Waymo One in Phoenix, Arizona that is completely operated by computers. The taxis are driverless. Well, almost, because a supervisor is sitting on the driver’s seat, ready to take control if required. Eventually, Waymo taxis are planned to drive without a human supervisor on board.

The driverless taxi service is available for a dedicated test group at the moment. All customers need is the Waymo One app to request a taxi to pick them up. After the starting point, destination and the price have been confirmed, a white Waymo vehicle will appear to the agreed spot.

Waymo One app for using the self-driving taxi service

At the back seat, passengers can follow how the autonomous vehicle sees the traffic and makes decisions based on the environment and events around it. A tablet attached at the back of the front seat displays this information.

Waymo anticipates passengers to have plenty of questions during the ride, and has a support center with real people to answer all the questions. The support center can be contacted via the application.

Waymo One traffic display
Passengers can follow how the self-driving system sees the traffic.

Waymo is confident that their self-driving system is better than any competing system. The company says they have 10 million miles worth of self-driving experience already, and they continue to collect more data that is used for teaching the autonomous driving system.

Members of the test group who have been able to take a ride in Waymo’s driverless taxi have been happy about the quiet ride in Waymo’s hybrid vehicle.

The Verge reporter Andrew Hawkins took a test ride in a self-driving Waymo taxi, and talked with the technology developer about the way it works. View the video below:

An introductory video to the driverless taxi by Waymo:

Via The Next Web.

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