The city of London lets electric car drivers charge their vehicles from lampposts

The introduction of electric vehicles is bringing many innovations for all travelers and commuters. One of the smartest ideas for charging electric cars is being trialed in London where ecar owners can charge their autos from street side lampposts in 2018.

London lamppost car charger The lamppost-charger idea was already tested earlier in 2017, and based on the experiences the city has decided to go ahead and start a large trial run. Kensington and Chelsea districts in central London will have 50 lampposts that double as electric vehicle charging stations.

The collaborators in the project are OVO Energy that manages charging points and Ubitricity that has the technology for measuring the used energy and identifying the user.

The visible elements of the new charging system are a device that Ubitricity calls SimpleSocket and a cable known as SmartCable. An electric vehicle driver who wants to fill up the batteries must have a SmartCable that fits into the SimpleSocket. The cable must be purchased beforehand.
London lamp post charger: Simplesocket
The system automatically bills the owner of the SmartCable for the amount of energy used for charging.

This solution that is being trialed in London is clearly targeted at residents, not travelers who might be on a road trip in the region. The way the billing works and the requirement to have a special cable restrict the use of the system for residents only. It doesn’t have to be that way forever, because Ubitricity’s technology surely can be modified for other use cases as well.

Via Electric Cars Report.

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