The best cities in Europe for digital nomads and remote workers in 2017

If you follow blogs and stories of digital nomads and location independent professionals who working while traveling, it is easy to get impression that Asia and Europe are the most popular destination for these globetrotters. And why not. Both continents have plenty of different cultures, rich histories, and varying landscapes so that it is possible to travel only a short distance and, yet again, discover a whole new world. Here are the most liked European cities by digital nomads in 2017.

Groningen, Netherlands. Photo by m66roepers Digital nomads who are using the Nomad List service have ranked cities around the world in order to make it easier to decide where to go next. Here is the top 18 ranking for the best cities to live in the Europe based on quality of life, fun stuff to do, cost of living, safety and air quality:

    1. Groningen, Netherlands
    2. Dublin, Ireland
    3. Basel, Switzerland
    4. Lugano, Switzerland
    5. Eindhoven, Netherlands
    6. Zurich, Switzerland
    7. Ibiza, Spain
    8. Reykjavik, Iceland
    9. Ljubljana, Slovenia
    10. Braga, Portugal
    11. Bremen, Germany
    12. Tilburg, Netherlands
    13. Oxford, United Kingdom
    14. Cologne, Germany
    15. Turku, Finland
    16. Helsinki, Finland
    17. Ciutadella, Spain
    18. Trondheim, Norway

If you are looking for cities where the cost of living is lower than in Europe’s most expensive countries, it will dramatically change the ranking. Cities in countries like Spain, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, and Croatia will rise towards the top 10.

Berlin, Germany. Brandenburger Gate
Berlin, Germany.
For comparison, here is Nomad List’s ranking for the best European cities in 2016. Not a single same city in the top 10:

    1. Berlin, Germany
    2. Lille, France
    3. Gothenburg, Sweden. A travel guide to Gothenburg and Sweden’s West Coast is available for download here.
    4. Bristol, UK
    5. Nice, France. Download a travel guide to Nice and the French Riviera here.
    6. Munich, Germany
    7. Leiden, Netherlands
    8. Leicester, UK
    9. Leeds, UK
    10. Aveiro, Portugal. (Aveiro is located in a beautiful, green region where the major sights of Porto and Coimbra are quite near. In Aveiro, however, practically no one speaks English.)

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