Is the Pacific Crest Trail the Camino for American hikers?

The Pacific Crest Trail spans 2,650 miles (4,265 kilometers) from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington. Completing the entire trail is only for the toughest hikers, but sections of the trail are used by hundreds of thousands of outdoor lovers annually.

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A short film of a campervan road trip in Iceland

The most exciting natural sights in Iceland are outside the capital Reykjavik, and experiencing them requires a road trip. For long road trips with freedom to choose where you stay the next night, hiring a campervan from Reykjavik is a good option for moving around the island. The writers of Autoblog decided to do just that, and while on the road, they created a short film from their experience.

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Mothe-Chandeniers castle in France just got 6500 new owners

Even if you have toured the magnificent castles of the Loire Valley in France, you haven’t seen the Mothe-Chandeniers. The magnificent building has been abandoned and closed for years. Now, the power of crowdfunding has saved the castle. 6500 new owners of the castle have invested 500 000 euros in order to buy it.

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For steady outdoors and travel videos, Google Pixel 2 smartphone has an amazing stabilizer

Good cameras come with optical image stabilization (OIS) feature that reduces handshake and general movement caused by the person who is holding the camera. The result is smoother video clips and sharper still images. OIS has its limits, and that’s why stabilizers have been made available as accessories both for large cameras and smartphones. These electronic stabilizers let the photographer walk, cycle or drive while shooting a video. Now, Google’s engineers have managed to pack all the modern image stabilizing technology into the new Pixel 2 smartphone.
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These highways in the air are really busy every spring and autumn

It is not only humans who like to travel to distant destinations, but some animals travel long distances twice a year. I am not talking about your dog that you may take along for road trips in your motorhome, but birds that migrate every spring and autumn. Movebank has created a fascinating animation that shows the routes birds fly.

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Swing style Bungee jump off a bridge

When you travel you encounter pretty random people, events and things that you never expected. This event is one of them. We were hiking along a river canyon in Northern Europe when we heard loud screaming above us. Sure enough, someone had jumped off a bridge and was swinging above the river.

We took a break and decided to wait for the next brave girl who would perform her own Bungee swing jump. Two professional guys were operating the ropes on the bridge.

Looks like fun, and for some reason, not quite as daredevilish as a Bungee jump straight down.

Top 5 Nordic cities

Gothenburg is one of my favorite cities in Europe. Regarding Scandinavia, I would rank the top 5 Nordic cities like so:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Gothenburg, Sweden
3. Tromsö, Norway
4. Turku, Finland
5. Uppsala, Sweden.

Here is a travel guide book video trailer for Gothenburg:

Book details here.

My favorite places in Gothenburg:
– Haga. A lovely old neighborhood.
– Slottsskogen. A large park in the outskirts of city center. Features a small zoo.
– The canals. Gothenburg was originally protected by walls and canals. The walls have disappeared but the canals still circle the old city center.